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[Catch-22] Winner Global Game Jam Netherlands -- Coming Q2 2012

Mango DownMango Down Registered User
edited February 2012 in Games and Technology
/// Permission granted by Lewie P ///


Catch-22 is a relaxing and frustrating one-button game where you have to evade yourself.
You control one of two spheres that orbit around a planet. The goal of the game is to pick up the white orbs with the active player, and to avoid the inactive player (who is your ghost). If you collect all of them you switch to the ghost and your previous self becomes the ghost. It will repeat the actions you did before the switch, and you now have to avoid your previous jumps and evasions.
The game ends when you inevitably bump into yourself, and you are the only one to blame.

The game was made in 48 hrs during the GameJam, and we were completely taken by surprise when we won both awards for "best game" in Amsterdam and The Netherlands! And because of the great response we got from everyone we are currently going into development to create a full version that will be released in Q2 2012 for multiple platforms, such as iOS and Steam.

We hope you like this little indie game in development, and hope you want to support the three of us. Feel free to visit our website and play the free playable version of our game (update coming soon!) or follow our development on our Facebook page.

Thanks for reading this and we hope you like our game!

Mango Down!
(the name of our independent game studio)

Mango Down on


  • TychoCelchuuuTychoCelchuuu ___________PIGEON _________San Diego, CA Registered User regular
    This looks like it's a lot of fun so you're forgiven for taking the name of my favorite book.

  • Mango DownMango Down Registered User
    This looks like it's a lot of fun so you're forgiven for taking the name of my favorite book.

    Thanks! I will post a reply in this thread with a link of the updated playable version anytime soon.

    There is actually a connection to the idiom. In the game the solution for evading the other player is to jump over him. But when you switch these jumps become obstacles. In order to evade these obstacles you have to jump, and also they will become obstacles when you switch again. This process is infinite, like a Catch-22 situation.

  • PeewiPeewi Registered User regular
    I tried it. I'm not very good at avoiding myself.

    What determines the score and why does it go back to 0 as soon as I die? That makes it difficult to see what it actually was.

    Switch: SW-6132-4331-5349 || Steam
  • Mango DownMango Down Registered User
    It's made in 48 hrs so it's not flawless. The high score resets as soon as you die, why it should be printed on the screen. It's something which will be fixed in the update.

    The faster you pick up all the white orbs, the higher the score is when you switch.

    But thanks for playing!

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