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Awesome: '[PRIME] Prime 2012 (PRIME questions and general discussion until E...' by wynnie

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Hello! I have previously been accepted to speak at PAX East, and would like to make a submission for PAX Prime. Seattle is my hometown, so I am always excited to attend the Prime! :) Is there a specific form to be submitted for this? Thanks!

Programming Submission: "The Healthy Gamer: Living a Totally Awesomesauce Balanced Life."

Does your lvl 85 Shaman have a hot Blood Elf girlfriend, but you are afraid to talk to girls in rl? Does your entire social life consist of your guildies or raid group? This is the case for many of us dedicated gamers (including myself!). If this sounds familiar, let's talk about building social skills and maintaining a healthy life balance whilst still participating in the online worlds that we love. Topics of discussion are physical health, especially for some of us whose arteries are clogged with hot pockets, and social health and balance- which includes maintaining healthy relationships, maintaining employment, and remembering to take a shower! With a little grinding in the right areas, you too can complete the quest-chain that earns you the title "Totally Awesomesauce Healthy Gamer!"

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