Chasing mythical ape-creatures and you: The Sasquatch Thread

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Guys, there comes a special time each year where a lot of people gather in central Washington and do a lot of drugs and camp in the wilderness for several days.

There is also a shit load of good music.



This shit is gonna be off the hook this year, headliners include




And motherfuckin'


for the whole crazy goddamn list go here you fuck: BOOM

I'm driving up from Eugene for this thing, probably with some college friends, maybe with a certain forumer, if I have room!

Who is going to this shit?

Who is gonna trip for 4 days straight?

Who is going to cry softly because they can't see every band they want to?

I am crazy looking forward to most of the stuff on the list, especially what I linked above and The Roots, The Head and the Heart, Girl Talk, Beirut (uuunnnnffff so good), Coeur de Pirate, EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY (HELL YES), Tune-Yards, and like 30 other bands that I can't even be bothered to type out.

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