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Code Hero - A game that teaches you programming and game creation

RedAnthraxRedAnthrax Registered User
edited February 2012 in Games and Technology
I was browsing around Reddit today and I noticed a link called "Code Hero".

I went in to see what it was about and after reading up on what people were saying I thought I'd donate and give it a try.

If you go [LINK REMOVED] and donate ($1 or more) you'll get access to the beta.

When I tried it out it definitely needs some work but I can see its potential.

Basically it has different scenarios to teach you some javascript and the stuff about the Unity game engine. Then it goes deeper to use those skills to defeat a "boss".

If anybody's interested in coding or game creation I think it's worth donating a dollar and giving the beta a shot.


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    This forum does not allow you to make threads just to advertise games.

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