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Sandi and Mari My Comicwebzone

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Hello dudes + dudettes, I've been pretty off the radar lately but for good reason. I've been working on my webcomic! And also interviewing with Blizzard. Anyhow anyways please have a look at my site. Work in progress!! Updates Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. I will try to update journal entries on tuesday and thursdays as well. Little sketches from the characters. It's all very rough right now but have a look.



I plan to modify the shopping cart buttons and add a description of the PDF I'm selling. I will also ad a CBZ file buying option and icons. Plus setting up the store proper as well as a separate section for the read ahead PDF.

So many things to do!

COMMENTS CRITIQUES. I am logging user experience that will help me design a better site in the coming months. Shopping cart buttons actually work so yeah be aware of that.



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