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Awesome: 'can i tell you a posting secret' by Tasteticle

TasteticleTasteticle Registered User regular
edited February 2012 in [2008-2012] Awesome Posts?
don't know where else to post this

I got trapped in the elevator at work today

I get on from the ground floor, mug of coffee in one hand, jack shit in the other

Elevator goes up for a bit

Then stops

A complete dead stop. Grinding halt.

This causes me to almost fall over

And in my totally cool arm flailing 'cool-guy motions' my coffee goes EVERYWHERE

It is important to note at this point that my mug is about the size of a pot

And is also darth vaders head

So I stand there, half shocked, drenched in coffee


Then I hear the doors open

I look up

Concrete wall


I do what any rational person does at this point and begin to mash every button that exists on that tiny panel

It won't budge

I eventually give up and grab the phone and wait for it to connect

All of a sudden the elevator kicks back to life

The doors don't close

So I watch floor by floor go by until I get to the top floor

The doors to the floor open and there is a man standing there

Greeted to the image of me

Soaking wet, holding a darth vader head

On a phone connected to the elevator

He is just staring, not moving

My mid starts racing of something I can say, anything I can say to break the tension

So I hold out the phone and say "Uh...It's for you"

He continues to stare

And then this look of bewilderment comes across his face

"Really?" he asks

Almost wantingly

"No!" I say "Why the hell would that even be a thing??"

I then inform him that we are going to take the stairs together

Uh-oh I accidentally deleted my signature. Uh-oh!!


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