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Let's Play Noob Plays RAGE

FiddlerFiddler Registered User
edited February 2012 in Games and Technology
Hello everybody, forum stalker here with a first time post.

For quite some time now, I have wanted to start up my own Let's Play series, and having been inspired by some of my favorite LP'ers, and not wanting my little brother to one up me, I've finally started. I chose a potentially crappy game (at least to start with) in RAGE but it's too late to go back now. I'm committed to the cause, and will not stop until I am done, or I get completely demoralized. I say that RAGE is a poor choice mainly because I am new to the LP scene and uploading to Youtube in general, so not only am I unsure what to talk about (and a wee bit of nervousness causing me to be somewhat silent at times) my video quality is very poor after Youtube has had its way with it. For a game that looks as nice as this one does most of the time, its a shame the quality of the uploads cannot be better.

My posting here serves a dual purpose, of course. I would like some constructive critiquing of what I have done so far. That is number one for me. I definitely wish/need to improve. Secondly, it is my hope that someone is crazy enough to WANT to subscribe to my channel. This is the one time I will mention that topic as I find it annoying when people constantly beg for subs.

Thank you to everyone for your time.


Fiddler on


  • milathmilath Registered User regular
    So I looked upon your lonely post here and decided to check out the LP. This lasted for all of a minute. What IS that obnoxiously loud hissing sound throughout the videos? It almost sounds like you're sitting in a machine room of some sort. I can hear the game fine, but hearing you through that noise is... difficult. Maybe I just have a low tolerance for loud hissing sounds, but I'd say that needs to be rectified.

    That would be my only suggestion thus far. :) Good luck!

    "No.. I was wrong. This must be what going mad feels like."

  • FiddlerFiddler Registered User
    After the first 2 sets I acquired a headset w/ mic and that cleared up a lot of the hissing. It is still present but to my ears more tolerable. Next step is to grab a decent sound card. Hopefully that will resolve the rest of my sound issues. Thanks for the reply.

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