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Awesome: 'Guamanian Old Party [Republican Primary]' by Gosling

GoslingGosling Looking Up Soccer In Mongolia Right Now, ProbablyWatertown, WIRegistered User regular
edited February 2012 in [2008-2012] Awesome Posts?
I have ceased to believe that 'this could really hurt X' is a thing anymore this primary. General, sure. Primary? One of these people has to win. It's a basketball game between the Wizards and the Hornets and then the Bobcats decided they wanted to play too despite there only being two nets, and the Raptors are standing off to the side screaming about exchange rates and how every team ought to only pay players in gold. If the score's 2-0-0-Gold, the 2 wins.

I have a new soccer blog The Minnow Tank. Reading it psychically kicks Sepp Blatter in the bean bag.


  • Form of Monkey!Form of Monkey! Registered User regular
    As someone who is passionate about basketball and politics, I feel almost like Gosling wrote this specifically to delight and entertain me. Which it has. :^:

    4 clean coal out of a possible gold.

  • DisruptedCapitalistDisruptedCapitalist 24 Bright Field Accuses the Void Registered User regular
    LOL, just as confusing as the real thing! I hate basketball.

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