[MISC] Video Games Live in New Jersey April 4

puhfiferpuhfifer Registered User regular
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Just wondering if anyone else is going to see VGL on their way to PAX. I will be going over from Scranton, PA to stay with a friend in NJ before heading up to Boston on the 5th. Maybe we could have a small meetup at the concert or after if there are a bunch of people going. I will be staying in Freehold while in Jersey which I think is fairly close to the theater.

Moe Fwacky on


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    hizzohizzo Registered User regular
    I like to have a meet up after

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    d0ughb0yd0ughb0y Registered User regular
    It really depends where in freehold you are, but it could be about 15-20 minutes from Count Basie. You're heading up the next day? I'm about 20 minutes south of there and I'm driving up Thursday.

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    puhfiferpuhfifer Registered User regular
    The only landmark I remember from my last visit was Escondido's. I am going to be heading up Thursday too, but not sure of time or anything yet. I still haven't booked my hotel

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