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Awesome: 'Guamanian Old Party [Republican Primary]' by Form of Monkey!

Form of Monkey!Form of Monkey! Registered User regular
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zerg rush wrote: »
Gosling wrote: »
Romney has put the Tennis Ball of Stupid back on Santorum's side of the court. How will Santorum respond?

"C02 is a pollutant? Tell that to the plants."


What is up with that picture?


The Santorum campaign is so ill prepared that they don't have time to send in an advance team with some poles that lights could be placed on. So all lighting must come up from underneath like a scary camp fire story.

This is at least his 2nd speech i've seen lit like this.

...and that's when they learned that the bill that would have provided free eyesight screening and free glasses for uninsured children was coming from inside the House!


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