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Video Game Commercials.

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Some posting in an earlier thread today got me thinking about video game commercials or ads that were good or bad.

Take for example the wonderful Super Smash Bros. 64 trailer. which brings back far too many good memories. good ol fashioned people in costumes.

Here is the overrated gears commercial.
i mean, Mad world is a GREAT song, but the pacing in that commercial was horrible past the first 30 seconds in the longer version, in the shorter version its even worse. the horrible literal lyrics of "familiar faces" as he looks into the reflection in the puddle, and then "worn out faces" as he turns the face of the broken statue. Right at the end, the piano in the dark with only the orange eyes illuminating the scene start to work, but as soon as the creature is revealed the pace of the song is too slow for what you are seeing on screen. Artistically, the gears commercial was nothing more than a fan trailer with dubbed music. it just looked so amatuer.

People write off the ps3 launch commercial with the baby far to often. thematically, the baby doll one is incredible. Very 2001 monolith style. The young, blank slate of a child is completely awed and blown away by the knowledge that the ps3 imbues into it. It only works with the doll too, a real child would have been not good enough. there is impact there, the reflection of all the images in the eyes as the tears flow, then retract.

I'm a really big fan of the Wii for all commercials. They are pretty straight forward, but really make the Wii look fun. I also dig the asian music going on.

The console wars at its finest. Sega does, no you cant do this on nintendo. It really speaks for

OCTOROCS!!! Creepy man in basement knows names of zelea monsters.

The classic japanese Zelda ad.

There are some good print ads out there too. My favorite game print ad ever was the Aliens Vs. Predator 2 ones, the 3 page ads, that had the xray's of the skull of each the human, alien, and predator.

any other gems out there?

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