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Unlikely Personal Injuries



  • DepressperadoDepressperado I just wanted to see you laughing in the pizza rainRegistered User regular
    Beasteh wrote: »
    meningitis! put in an iron lung, given a 10% chance of surviving without severe permanent brain damage


    this explains a lot
    I had meningitis too when I was a baby, Beasty!

  • Kuribo's ShoeKuribo's Shoe Kuribo's Stocking North PoleRegistered User regular
    Keith wrote: »
    Kadith wrote:
    i guess this rug burn on my dick isn't exactly unlikely is it?

    Fuck rugs

    Shag carpets

    I like this

  • Garlic BreadGarlic Bread i'm a bitch i'm a bitch i'm a bitch i'm a Registered User, Disagreeable regular

  • ChimeraChimera Monster girl with a snek tail and five eyes Bad puns, that's how eye roll. Registered User regular
    I remember back when I was 17 I was watching tv while lying on my parents bed, which has a big rail around the top of it (kinda like this.... ....only all metal.), and heard one of my friends start walking towards the room I was in. I thought it would be funny to spring my self up off the bed and startle them as they opened the door. Well when I did so I used a bit too much force to jump up and ended up hitting the rail with the bridge of my nose so hard that I broke my nose and ended up denting the rail. As if that wasn't bad enough, the collision with the rail caused me to start to flip as I fell down and landed rail around the base of the bed that held the mattress in place and cracked my skull and got a nasty four inch long laceration.

    When I stood up I reached back to hold my head where I was hit but was in a bit of shock and didn't really know how bad I was hurt. My father looked over and saw the blood pouring down my arm and began to freak out as he always does at the sight of blood. In fact the sight of blood used to bother him so bad that I ended up having to drive my self to the hospital which was only about five miles away. I remember once I got to the ER I was give a gauze pad and told to wait and after about four hours my friend had to drive me to the neighboring hospital so I could actually be looked at. I ended up with a bunch of staples in my head and now have a really long scar on the back of my head that you cant see because of my hair but you feel if you rub my head. Whenever you scratch or rub at the back of my head close to it, it feels really really weird yet strangely good at the same time. Much more so than it ever did before the injury.

    That is the only time I had ever fully broke a bone but not my only, or worst injury that I ever sustained.

  • WietWiet Mao Mao Registered User regular
    When I was a baby I nearly died to a stomach virus, with a chance of brain damage.

  • DruhimDruhim Registered User, ClubPA regular
    Not an injury, but when I was an infant the Dr. noticed my legs weren't the same length. While it was good that they caught it early because it was relatively easy to fix at that age, it also meant I had to wear a cast that went from my knees to my lower torso for about 6 months. The cast was bent at the waist so I could sit, but was of course rigid so I couldn't crawl! Also I understand changing my diapers was quite the challenge with that thing on. My parents joked that I made an effect doorstop.

  • Satanic JesusSatanic Jesus Hi, I'm Liam! with broken glassesRegistered User regular
    When my sister was born, both of her hips were dislocated.

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  • MorivethMoriveth BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWNRegistered User regular
    Today while folding paper I gave myself a nice papercut on the palm on my hand.

    fucking stings.

  • MorivethMoriveth BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWNRegistered User regular
    Also when I was a baby I had seizures that would've caused permanent brain damage if they hadn't caught it in time and put me on medication

    instead I was just a fat baby because of the medication's side effects
    My sister's friend's brother had the same problem. Unfortunately since the doctors were racist and refused to treat him, he ended up getting brain damage. Fucking assholes!

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