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[GOP Primaries] WI, MD, DC 4/3. Sponsored by cheese, crab cakes, and murder, respectively.



  • Xenogears of BoreXenogears of Bore Registered User regular
    All sorts of money will flow in when he becomes the actual candidate like it always does.

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  • Boring7Boring7 Registered User regular
    DoctorArch wrote: »
    Well, Sarah Palin said today that the GOP nominee should pick Allen West as VP.

    Yes, this douchebag:


    Hmm, who is that, let me ask the internets. And WOW, that guy sucks! He's also a pretty effective choice though. He's got the "Jack Bauer outlaw biker hero alpha male fantasy" act going, he retired instead of being drummed out, he's the teabaggers' "black friendcandidate" and he's been endorsed by Palin twice. Plenty of us don't know anything about him. Meaning if he can control the message and keep the media from trumpeting his crazy when he speaks to the base he might be able to fire them up.

    Yeah, he could work. He certainly doesn't have Santorum's problems.

    Thanatos wrote: »
    Goldman Sachs may as well be named COBRA.
  • DelzhandDelzhand Noxalas! Registered User regular
    often invoked by 'baggers to handwave any accusations of racism in the movement, which, according to West, is an invention of the liberal media
    West accused the liberal media of racism and sexism in their "attack" on Kaufman, defending her as a "brilliant political mind."

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  • mindsporkmindspork Registered User
    When asked during an interview with The Shalom Show how he would work with others "like Keith Ellison, who supports Islam" West stated that Ellison, a Minnesota Congressman and practicing Muslim, represents the "antithesis of the principles upon which this country was established."

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