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Your New People's Champ Has Arrived: Kinderparty [FIGHTING GAMES]

Vann DirasVann Diras Registered User regular
edited March 2012 in Singularity Engine++


Welcome to the Fighting Games Thread™. I'll be your host this evening.

Here's the new hotness:


We're all pretty excited about it. Until then though, hold on to your Marvel and Arcade Editions and whatever else you like to play.

CorporateLogo - Corplogo
Big Red Tie - Logos22
TheStig - Sir Stiggleton
Sneak - PA The Sneak
Balefuego - Balefuego
Bizazedo - Bizazedo
Blankzilla - blankspace2471
Butters - Jon Butters
HellaJeff - Efrenchlove
Folken Fanel - flashg03
Sars_Boy - sarsboy
Knob - Knobbonk
Munkus Beaver - MunkusBeaver
No Great Name - OGSirToons
Radius - Kryzak Sul
Huntera - Verflutche
Vargas Prime - Vargas Prime
Bedigunz - Bedigunz
Baroque And Roll - BaroqueSampson
SabreMau - SabreMau
Meiz - MeizMisguided
Vann Diras - Vann Diras
I Win Swordfights - Mister Spaceman
Evil Multifarious - Travysty
Kevin Crist - I Eat Brainmeat
Inquisitor - Sunabozu
Airking850 - Airking850
Nekx - chasr4president
BobCustomGamer - Bobcustomgamer
doublehawk00 - doublehawk00
That Dave Fella - ThatDaveFella
Walt - Top Hat Panda
Tashern - Tashern
Professor Snugglesworth - Dr Shizuma
Garret Dorigan - Garret Dorigan
babyeatingjesus - Winnipeg Fats
chamberlain - Chamberlain
Agahnim - AgahnimD
Sivraj - Degami
Aneurhythmia - Aneurhythmia
Nogs - CouchTechTV
Aretè - NinjaFrizz
Bionic ARRRRRRRRRRRRM - Scrub Saibot
Pandaryu - Razentsu
Xeinos - Nolaen

PS Triple:
Nogs - NogsMPLS
Butters: idontworkhere582
Folken Fanel - folken_pa
Kuribo's Shoe - kuribosshoe
Knob - KnobbonK
BahamutZERO - BahamZERO
SabreMau - Tresjin
Sillender - Sillender
TheStig - Stiggy_PA
Uriel - Jarofmoldymayo
Walt - Genei Djinn
Stilts - StiltsTheGM
Professor Snugglesworth - SOLDIER
VALVEjunkie - VALVeJunky
Bendery It Like Beckham - fourstorytantrum
Peen - anonymous_burn

Nogs: SteamID - Nogs, GFWL - Ax52
TheStig: SteamID - TheStig, GFWL - RacerStig
BobCustomGamer: Uber BOB
Rolo: SteamID - japong
Walt: SteamID, GFWL - Top Hat Panda
Owlbat: Steam ID - pritong adobo, GFWL - GranularWig0243
facetious: Steam ID - Chagrin, GFWL - naivety
unintentional: Steam ID/GFWL - GaryMyNemesis
DirtyDirtyVagrant - Steam: Blue_Goriya, GFWL: Better than Red
VALVEjunkie - Steam ID: VALVeJunkie, GFWL: VALVeJunky
Zen Vulgarity - GFWL: ZenVulgarity
Pandaryu - Steam ID/GFWL: Razentsu

Alright. Let's fight.

Vann Diras on


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