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So I just moved/am moving into a new apartment (very spacious). My current/old desk is a cheap 3 piece L-shaped desk (think those glass desks staples has, but without glass... ugh). What I want is a lot of table surface and minimal knee-banging objects. I'm also planning to have a few monitor arms attached. My first thought was Ikea, but holy crap is their flimsy "wood" overpriced! And flimsy! D: Browsing craigslist I can find a few solid wood desks, but they are ginormous executive desks that would take quite a feat of engineering to navigate up the stairs and into my apartment.

So any suggestions on how to accomplish this? I don't care about L-shape or separate pieces - just need a big solid surface with leg room. :D

I'm going to be obsessing over this all week.

Edit: IF this is not the right forum for this please accept my apologies and I will accept a relocation.

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    Generally I steer people from Help/Advice to other forums, but in this case, I think H/A would be a good place to ask this. You might PM the moderator of this forum to see if he'll move it over there?

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    I know you've mentioned not being terribly interested in Ikea, but this could work with other materials as well. I just know the stuff from Ikea so I'll link them to give you an image of the idea and you can take and run with it from there.

    2x EXPEDIT Shelving Units
    1x Table top. You could also use a door just make sure it's a wooden material to screw the legs in to.
    1x 4-pack CAPITA legs. These come in multiple heights so if you do the math and decide you want taller, they are available.

    1. You'll assemble the Expedit units and use them as the desk legs so they'll need to be spaced according to the size of the table top.
    2. Put the Capita legs on the bottom of the table top. I recommend attaching them a few inches, say 4-6", from the outside edges and 4" from what will be the front and back of the desk top.
    3. At this point you simply put the legs on top of the shelves and voila, a desk that looks good and is easy to move up and down flights of stairs/elevators.

    Edit: Since you're talking about attaching monitor arms as well, I'd also suggest attaching the base of the Capita legs, or whatever you use, to the shelves for more weight and support. If it were me, I'd drill a hole in the shelves and the Capita foot and bolt them together.

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    IKEA do sell solid wood tabletops.

    Failing that, a solid wood door, and some generic legs] that you can bolt into the door will make a big sturdy desk.

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