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Constructed Destruction Comics!!!

TimTheToolTimTheTool ArtistDenver, CORegistered User new member
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Hey all, I've been drawing and writing a webcomic for about 10 years now, and none of you have ever heard of it wasn't on the web. Hmph. Anyways, now 10 years later I finally know how to make enough of a website to get it out there and I want you guys to come check it out!



Nuff said, you know the drill. There's only 50 comics because in 10 years a LOT has gotten in the way, but now that college is over, and I've fallen into life's steady groove, I'm doing them weekly. Also I deleted a lot of my first 30 or so comics because they were just...just awful. My comic mocks daily life and pop culture but also focuses more on the entertainment industry than video games. Also check out my youtubes as well as these other fine sites...
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Check it all out and be nice guys, I don't respond well to trolls.

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  • Linespider5Linespider5 ALL HAIL KING KILLMONGER Registered User regular
    Could you post some of your work in the thread? I mean, it'd be nice to have the visual references right here where we're talking about it.

  • Faded_SneakersFaded_Sneakers City of AngelsRegistered User regular
    If you don't like trolls you should probably follow the forum rules and not site whore which is what you are doing when you simply post a series of links and then say, "check it all out duderz. lawl."

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  • amateurhouramateurhour One day I'll be professionalhour The woods somewhere in TennesseeRegistered User regular
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    The AC is more for art critique and improvement. Like linespider said, post your comics here instead of just dropping a link (or several of them).

    Having said that, I'd consider relaunching your strip from number one and putting all 50 comics you currently have into a bonus link or as extra content should you ever put out a book or something. I mean if you had some vast archive it would be one thing, but it's weird that comic 5 is about Paris Hilton on the simple life from 2004 and comic 50 is about the Avengers 8 years later.

    If you've gotten all of your personal life comic interrupting stuff out of the way, then start fresh. Keep the same characters, etc. if you want to, but give them a fresh start. These are ideas you had 10 years ago when you were undoubtedly a different person. Take a step back, look at it from a fresh angle, and reboot the comic.

    Having said that, you've got this weird filter thing going on with your shading that makes everything look like it's wrapped in plastic or on the deck of J.J. Abrams' Enterprise. Try some flat colors to start and work from there. Honestly the colors really take me out of the comic. It's like looking at an unfinished CG rendering.

    The anatomy needs work too. The basics (head size relative to body size, proportion, etc) look fine, but the arms and positioning of said arms seem off in a lot of the strips, and you've got four core facial expressions you keep using. There's a great tutorial by Tracy Butler that should be in the main tutorial thread that just focuses on expressions. Check that out, because it's a great resource.

    Overall it's not a bad strip, but it needs a little work. I did laugh at a few of the jokes though.

    My only serious gripe is with your store. You've got 50 comics. You don't need an online store yet. Your focus should be on building an audience and growing a daily readership, and honestly, you don't need to start off selling someone else's joke for a t-shirt.

    You seem like you've got a good sense of humor, so try putting something more original out there if you're going to put it on a shirt.

    edit: that said, the one cool thing you did was making the youtube video showing your process. More people, especially when they do digital work, should do that. It's appreciated.

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    are YOU on the beer list?
  • TimTheToolTimTheTool Artist Denver, CORegistered User new member
    If you don't like trolls you should probably follow the forum rules and not site whore which is what you are doing when you simply post a series of links and then say, "check it all out duderz. lawl."
    Yo Mama's a site whore. She works them sites all night loooong.

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    well that's enough out of you

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