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Looking for a Cartoon late 80's early 90's

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I am looking for a cartoon, it aired sometime in the late 80's to the early 90's I think.

The premise was this genius young, maybe a teenage inventor ended up creating these sentient robots, for some reason he had to keep it secret they were sentient. There was I think a corporation or government agency that was either trying to steal them or prove that he had them. I think he may have had a thing going on with this reporter chick whose loyalties were undetermined, or at least I cant remember.

The robots were humanoid in shape there were maybe 4 or 5 of them each a distinct design they had retractable roller blades and they fought crime I am pretty sure.

I am pretty sure this existed but it was a long time ago and I cant be entirely sure on the details I have given but I have done my best.

I think it was distributed by DiC, but not certain I searched but couldnt find it.

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