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adastraadastra Registered User regular
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rascal wrote: »
Hey adastra, which printers have you liked?

Jakprints has been good, and their employees are really friendly when you need service. They also make some really cool stuff!

I've been really pleased with OvernightPrints (and they're almost always running various sales and promotions that keep them competitively priced) - however, I don't see a trading card-sized option on their site and I'd have to inquire about custom sizes.

I've also enjoyed supporting Enized, a small printing company in Illinois that will print a variety of different sizes and shapes - what I like the best about them is that they're very detail-oriented and quick to reply. They helped me with files when I was first learning how to prepare things for print. I like the personal connection and supporting a small business over a mega-huge printer!

I've been really unhappy with Vistaprint, and generally 'meh' about Zazzle - both companies have messed up jobs I've sent to them. Their site-based design tools really don't let me have the level of control that I need to specify and control how things are printed and trimmed, and so they've done some really awful stuff. At least Zazzle has issued refunds? :(

So I'm interested in seeing how things turn out!


  • ThreeCubedThreeCubed Registered User
    edited March 2012
    In my experience, local places are almost always the way to go. If something is messed up, it's easy to get it redone at that last minute, and you can go meet face-to-face with your sales rep in many cases.

    I actually love the part of my job where I deal with physical printing. Even when it goes awry :X

    ThreeCubed on
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