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[Recruitment] Are You Awesome? Do You Live In or Near Seattle? Then Click

tunglashrtunglashr Registered User regular
edited March 2012 in Critical Failures
I live in south Seattle and we recently started a group, but the GM had family commitments that forced him to bail. Now we have some players in need of a group. I am willing to do some GMing down the line, but would like an opportunity to play for a while.

What we want:

Strong story based game, with interaction and problem solving a key focus.
Things should not be just given to us, we might need help from the GM, but we want to earn stuff.
NOT rules light. The system adds to the games enjoyment. This doesnt mean it has to be the most complex game in history, but something worth immersing ourselves in.

What we can provide:

Dedicated players who communicate and can chronicle the story on an online wiki (I host one).
Great game room with exceptional gaming library, as well as kitchen dedicated to game room.
Actual fun people who are decent and have good hygiene and habits.
Some level of maturity.
Male and female players.

Some games we might be interested in playing:

World of Darkness (V:TR, normals)
Dresden Files
Riddle of Steel
Hero system 5th or 6th
Burning Wheel

Or...surprise us!

tunglashr on


  • nefffffffffffnefffffffffff Registered User regular
    sounds like fun, I live up in wedgewood. What is the groups age range (not that it really matters) and schedule like? My schedule is pretty tight cuz i'm a student and I work 3-4 nights a week, but I'm graduating relatively soon.

    I don't have a lot of experience GMing, so I don't know if I could jump in and GM a group of strangers right away but I would be down to give it a whirl after getting to know you guys/depending on the timeframe you are looking for.

  • tunglashrtunglashr Registered User regular
    I think the age range is 20s to 40. I am guessing on some of their ages. Normally, we are going to try and play Friday night. If it sounds good, we should get together and chat, see if we get along. I have Th-Sa off every week, so send me a PM and lets see about talking.

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