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Awesome: 'Awesome: 'Mass Effect 3: There Goes The Neighborhood...&#0...' by Jacobkosh

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Some nonspoilery, very general thoughts on the ending. Prepare for an essay!

very specific, spoilery discussion about the end:

I need to emphasize that I did really, really love the game. I think in many ways it represents the apex and fulfillment of what Bioware have been trying to accomplish with their mode of storytelling since Baldur's Gate. The game was filled with payoff after payoff and made me think and feel. You can't ask for more than that.

In a way, that's kind of the irony here. All the ridiculous hatemongering and bullshit coming from the internet quarters turned out to be just bullshit and hot air. EA didn't ruin ME3: the multiplayer was great, Ashley having her hair down wasn't the end of the world, the DLC character didn't mug me in an alleyway and take my wallet, and the collectible preorder guns did not violate the essence of my being. The problem with ME3 was a problem of writing, straight up. No soulless corporate executive could have asked for that. Just as I give Bioware credit for their successes, the stumble at the end is theirs and theirs alone.


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