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Interactive Character Generation?

Gandalf_the_CrazedGandalf_the_Crazed VigiloConfidoRegistered User regular
edited March 2012 in Critical Failures
I looked at the front 5 pages of CF for a good thread to post this in, but didn't see one.

I'm looking for RPG systems that feature interactive character generation processes -- as in, we write down a few basic facts about the character (like name, species), and then develop everything else about the character during the course of the first session? What I'm picturing would be the usual "you meet in a tavern", except instead of simply being banded together and then sent out, the players get to know each other's characters first. As the conversation proceeds, important aspects of the characters (as they exist in the player's mind) would become evident, and give occasion for the DM to say something like, "OK you said your character is currently working as a horseback messenger? Add 2 ranks of Ride to your sheet." Once each character has received a set amount of bonuses (depending on the power level of the campaign), the adventure proceeds.

Are there any systems that work this way?

Gandalf_the_Crazed on


  • HenslerHensler Registered User regular
    Traveler encourages this, but it's sci-fi.

  • dresdenphiledresdenphile Watch out for snakes!Registered User regular
    edited March 2012
    The Dresden Files has collaborative party generation as well as setting (city) generation. You establish the cross-over "novels" that brought certain party members together prior to the first session.

    The setting is urban fantasy, so it may not be up your alley.

    dresdenphile on
  • CapfalconCapfalcon Tunnel Snakes Rule Capital WastelandRegistered User regular
    From what I've seen, Smallville is the all-time, undisputed heavyweight champion of interactive character generation. Some nights, when we're short a few people, we make a hat of settings and concepts and pull two or three out. Then we make characters for them.

    My favorites so far have been "Transhuman medical drama" and "Ancient Roman Fight Club."

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