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Awesome: 'Middle Earth [chat]' by wazilla

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Organichu wrote: »
wazilla wrote: »
Organichu wrote: »
really though i do need to figure out what bag i'm gonna use for school. i have a big, quality messenger bag. so i can either get one of those backpacks with a little divider for a laptop or i can get a sleeve for a laptop and just carry everything in my messenger bag. i'm trying not to spend more money than i need to. but i also don't want to break a laptop.

i'm so confused!

You can do this.

I believe in you.

no, i... i'm not ready.

Do not fear. Doubt is normal.

Everyone doubts themselves sometimes.

But Chu, this is life. And in life you need to carry stuff around. You've finally come to the point when you have to carry more stuff than would be comfortable without the aid of some stuff carrying device. As I said before, it's natural to think you're not ready... nobody does. but pause here for a moment and consider all the stuff that you have. Realize that you've been building up to this moment for your entire life. Every second spent reading reviews on amazon, or checking out the daily deals on new egg, or even the sale paper for the local JC Penny... was preparing you for this moment. Soon you will buy some stuff to put your other stuff in and, in putting your stuff in that other stuff, you will finally be a man.

I, for one, will be a proud forumer that day.

Go get 'em, kid


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