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Awesome: 'Beastro draws your Characters for Free!' by Beastro

BeastroBeastro Registered User regular
edited March 2012 in [2008-2012] Awesome Posts?
I need practice. Please put a snapshot or a description of your favorite character or bad guy in this thread, and I will draw them then upload them here.

I don't have enough time with school in session to be able to make up characters and their back stories and sadly no time to play any games tabletop, or console/pc. I'm a huge RPG fan and have wanted to participate in the PA community for a long time and I wanted to do it big.

I've been doing a character a day for the past 2 weeks. So your character will get drawn according to my current skill level at that time. I would love a challenge, quirky little things about your characters, their stories, their equipment...anything that makes them YOUR character. I need a lot of practice drawing armor and clothing so this is the perfect opportunity to help me out.

Contructive and harsh critisism is welcome. I plan on going pro so I can take it if you can dish it out. It just helps me get better either way.

CURRENT QUEUE: updated 3/14/12 pm
Matev - Rock
Matev - Lord Chaos
Kay - Atherton Kess
Dresdenphile- Kardak

Capfalcon - Frankie O'Dell
Denada - Cyrus Black
Wub - kitsune ninja
Smoove Operator - Karis Marner
ArcanisThelmpot - Alice MacLaren
Shinyo - Fiona MacLaren
Destroyah87 - John Walker
HollowerFollower - Acrisius
Slayer of Dreams - Itriya Silverstrings
Egos - Valentine
Vertroue - Rwn (will work in a graphic spectral guy aka not much detail but good for composition on the page) with Rat Familiar
Dino-Czar - Angstrom Holt
Bhow - Riishi Antera
WuShock - Anselm Barcary


current examples of work can be found here.
example work


  • AegeriAegeri Plateau of LengRegistered User regular
    Some absolutely terrific work! So glad to see someone of your talent contributing to the forum like that.

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