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[PA Comic] Monday, March 19, 2012 - Communion

GethGeth Guard BotRegistered User, Moderator, Penny Arcade Staff, Vanilla Staff vanilla
edited March 2012 in The Penny Arcade Hub


  • admanbadmanb the bored genie Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    edited March 2012

    edit: actually, playing Journey with a stoner seems like it would be alright.

    admanb on
  • CenoCeno pizza time Registered User regular
    I would be okay with almost every game artistically removing voice chat.

    PSN: Genesius_Prime
  • TossrockTossrock too weird to live too rare to dieRegistered User regular
    scsscs is back!

  • DusdaDusda is ashamed of this post Registered User regular
    edited March 2012
    The geth got him?

    Also yes, these days I tend to just put myself in a Live Party just to keep out of in-game chat.

    Dusda on
  • B:LB:L Registered User regular
    Reminds me of the joke about Resident Evil: Outbreak and why it didn't have voice chat, as a burly man's voice coming out of a Japanese schoolgirl would have destroyed the internets.

    10mvrci.png click for Anime chat
  • halkunhalkun Registered User regular
    edited March 2012
    Scsscs? Is that you? Have you been reborn? How's it going buddy!

    Ohhh... Sorry about the Geth thing...

    halkun on
  • kingworkskingworks Registered User regular
    I am saddened to discover that this game is PS3 only.

  • AurichAurich Registered User regular
    A short time ago I would have been super excited about this game. I don't think I'd have the attention span for it anymore. I dunno, maybe I just need to get into the mood for it.

    I'm really surprised no one's gotten upset over the "i."

  • GR_ZombieGR_Zombie Registered User regular
    I think the "i" is intentional.

  • SticksSticks Registered User regular
    I agree. There is no punctuation either.

  • InXplotchInXplotch Registered User regular
    For some reason I find the expression of the second cloth-man priceless.

    And anyway I feel like I should just bring up this comic next time someone I know asks why they can only chirp. (and the newspost reminded me I still have to play Dear Esther. It needs a Mac port.)

    PSN: InXplotch
    ... My, what a boring Signature.
  • King RiptorKing Riptor Registered User regular
    Ceno wrote: »
    I would be okay with almost every game artistically removing voice chat.

    Yes . . . artistically.

    I have a podcast now. It's about video games and anime!Find it here.
  • AurichAurich Registered User regular
    I bought Dear Esther and am glad the guys got my money, but I didn't particularly care for it. I think it was a great way to experience a story, but I didn't actually like the story much. Also the script was a bit too poetic. Poetry's never really done anything for me, so maybe it just wasn't "for" me.

  • HeadCreepsHeadCreeps Salt of the Earth Such a nimble bastard!Registered User regular
    kingworks wrote: »
    I am saddened to discover that this game is PS3 only.

  • FactorySquirrelFactorySquirrel Registered User
    I can't see the cloth people as anything other than female.

    Unrelatedly, I think they're descended from birds. Hence the tiny legs, graceful movements, flying, and chirping.

    Also I think the cloth is part of their body, not clothes.

    This post contains no spoilers for Journey.

    Journey is a great game.

    "That man is playing Galaga! He thought we wouldn't notice. But we did."
  • AegeriAegeri Plateau of LengRegistered User regular
    Ceno wrote: »
    I would be okay with almost every game artistically removing voice chat.

    Especially on Xbox live FPS games.

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  • Dan_McManDan_McMan Registered User
    I can't tell you how true this comic is.

    I have played through Journey at least 10 times now - showing it to people, collecting things, just... relaxing. And every time I've played through it to the end, I've gotten a friend request on the PSN. Sharing this journey with another person is so priceless, even the dozen'th time... so thanks CHiAHippYo... I had a lot of fun not knowing what color your bong is.

  • KageraKagera Imitating the worst people. Since 2004Registered User regular
    This game reminds me of the desert people from nier

    My neck, my back, my FUPA and my crack.
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