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[EAST] Line Games



  • gerafingerafin Registered User regular
    I can't wait to buy cookies. For the children, of course, and not just to satisfy my sugar cravings.
    I'll have zombie dice with me, it's proven time and again to be an excellent line game. Just be aware that your playing space will generally be VERY cramped if you're waiting to get into one of the theaters (manticore, cat, etc.) as the line has to zig-zag and fold around many times, and there needs to still be room to walk down the hallway. This means it's almost impossible to play a game with more than 2 people, as you can't really fit a circle of people in the taped area that they have designated for the line.

  • gerafingerafin Registered User regular
    Although I guess you could optimize your friend's locations in line in order for them to be in the section of the line immediately to your right and left. And that, folks, is what we call meta-game. Right?

  • CyberGoldFishCyberGoldFish Registered User
    I have any iPad. Are there any cool games I can get other than ziggurat for lines n stuff?

  • RhileyRhiley Registered User regular
    There are ios versions of zombie dice and elder signs if you want to pass your tablet around to take turns.

    2013 Prime Omeganaut
  • NullzoneNullzone Registered User regular
    I have any iPad. Are there any cool games I can get other than ziggurat for lines n stuff?

    Rhiley mentioned Zombie Dice and Elder Signs, but there's also a wide variety of other board games; Ticket To Ride, Ascension, Catan, Carcassonne... all of these I'm pretty sure can be played by passing the tablet back and forth.

  • The_SavesThe_Saves Magistrate of Crazy Town KirklandRegistered User regular
    My space for games is limited since I'm flying in (compared to Prime, where I live). But I'll be bringing Poo The Card Game and maybe Zombie Dice. Too bad Dominion isn't a good line game...

    Poo should be great fun with strangers though! Looking forward to it ^_^

  • gerafingerafin Registered User regular
    I was just thinking that (*inhale*) Warhammer 40K: Space Hulk: Death Angel: The Card Game would be a great game for the giant queue room before PAX. Takes 30-45 minutes to play, and it's basically just a line of cards, with a tiny box. So if you hear somebody doing a loud Space Marine impression in line, that's probably me.

  • cypherbluecypherblue Registered User
    MrGone1980 wrote: »
    Hey I was wondering, does anyone have Metagame?

    I would like to know this as well. I am very much interested in playing this, either in lines or at tabletop.

  • chocojoshchocojosh Registered User regular
    Our friend (no forum account) should be bringing Guillotine and his uber-box of Chez Geek for anyone who sees us in line.

  • MrGone1980MrGone1980 Registered User regular
    I'm PAX-bound shortly! but I just wanted to mention that I got Metagame in time, and would be interested in trying it out with any adjacent and talkative peeps. I haven't broken it in yet but it seems really cool.

    @cypherblue - thus far you're the only person I've seen interested in checking it out or even acknowledging that they know what it is (I've mentioned it in a few forum spots).

  • DaveRHDaveRH Registered User regular
    Twilight Imperium seems like a good choice for a line game...

  • HolyyakkerHolyyakker Registered User regular
    I plan on running a Call of Cthulhu game in the queue room line... think it'll work?

    "Beware to March of Dimes" - MacBeth
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