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[PA Report Suggestion] - Reset scroll timer when user selects a specific box in The Cut

Is it feasible to reset the scroll timer when someone specifically clicks on one of the boxes in the "The Cut" section of PA Report? At the moment, if you click on a different box to read a headline, it gets scrolled away to the next headline as soon as the display time is up for the last-displayed headline. I've ended up in situations where I've fought the automatic scrolling, watching the headline I want get scrolled out by the next one over and over. It makes it difficult to read...

A nice bonus would be to either increase the amount of time a headline is visible or pause the automatic scrolling altogether if a user selects a specific box, but I don't want to get too crazy here. ;)

Thanks much!

Kuroprinny on


  • KuroprinnyKuroprinny Registered User
    The scroll timer in the "The Cut" section seems to have the above problem again...

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