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[Phalla] Game Over! Way to go killer p.50 The Unfortunate Voyage of the Harbinger

Munkus BeaverMunkus Beaver Registered User, ClubPA regular
edited April 2012 in Critical Failures
Welcome to The Unfortunate Voyage of the Harbinger, A Munkus Phalla!

What kind of Phalla is this? Power Rangers? Pop Cultural Reference? Poorly Done Fanfiction? Confusion Bulljitsu?

I run my games in my own universes. My games are based around the central concept of an Uniformed Majority having to defeat an Informed Minority. Information control watching its use is my favorite part of Phalla games. Breaking my previous trend, this setting will be in a generalized Science Fiction setting aboard the starship Harbinger. Things start to go wrong for the crew as they finish their approach on the colony of Huntsman Arcade.

No, I will not be offering clarifications as to mechanics. Yes, trying to creatively break the game will go poorly.

You can see examples of all of this in my last phalla. Day One is found here:

Sign ups of the Knights of Arcadia phalla (which include all the original descriptions for each role) are found here:

Yes, I fundamentally do not believe in the villager PM. This phalla will start at a specified time and you will receive a PM only if you are a special. Since creating unique roles with descriptions takes an extremely long time, I have instead kept it simple: you sign up for your role on the crew of the ship. THESE ROLES ARE ENTIRELY FLAVOR FOR OPTIONAL ROLEPLAY AND FOR FLUFF IN THE NARRATION. FLUFF IN THE NARRATION IS ALSO JUST THAT: ME MAKING THE GAME MORE INTERESTING FOR YOU. DON'T TRY TO INFER THINGS BY WHO PARTICIPATES IN WHAT ACTION OF THE NARRATION OR WHAT THEIR JOB ON THE SHIP IS.


Do so by posing in this thread, by posting with an exclamation point, sign up, and the number of the slot you want. All of this bold and limed. !SIGN UP 24. Sign ups are entirely first come first serve.

1. Pierce Benedict, Harbinger Captain - Skull Man
2. Douglas Bravner, Dycon Corporation Consultant - jdarksun
3. Henry Mason, Dycon Corporation Consultant - Shabooty
4. Dr. Ian Forbes, Doctor, Head of the Medbay - sportzboytjw
5. Dr. Curtis Henshaw, Doctor, Head of Research and Development - KetBra
6. Rebecca Curtis, Medbay Nurse - vertroue
7. Shauna Silverman, Medbay Nurse - Tayrun
8. Simon Krieger, Lab Assistant - DumpShock
9. Terence Gerard, Lab Assistant - warban
10. Gordon Lewis, Marine - godmode
11. Jennifer Hackshaw, Marine - SeGaTai
12. Albert 'Ace' McKinney, Marine - REG Rysk
13. Brandon Kendrick, Marine - Retaba
14. Duncan O'Neal, Janitor - Baidol
15. Bob Rickman, Repairman, Home Issues - Void Slayer JackIsReal
16. Alexander Jameson, Engineer, Engine Room - Maximus
17. Dr. Kelly Robertson, Engineer, General Ship Activities - MrTLicious
18. Larry Curtis, Marketing Manager - The Anonymous romanqwerty
19. Melvin Leitner, Marketing Developer - Langly
20. Dr. Jeffrey "Jeff" Jacobson, Microbiologist - Anialos
21. Dr. Calvin Underton, Gravity Engineer - Cythraul
22. Ross Henshaw, Entertainment Department Head - corvidae
23. Razer, Band Member - Egos
24. Big Boom, Band Member - Taya
25. Randolph Masters, Ship Cook - towndrunk34
26. Rachel Hornsby, Apprentice Cook - Kime
27. Chip Hurtfield, News Anchor - Figgy
28. Dirk Burr, Director - shalmelo
29. Aaron Scholz, Producer - Malkor
30. Buster Chambers, Shopkeeper/Provisions Officer - Citizen
31. Reuben Kincaid, Pilot - Personface
32. Jerome Jones, Co-Pilot - Cayrus
33. Larry Davis, Navigator - Nirya
34. Dr. Gail Loring, Translator - daniant
35. Dr. Sarah Longfellow, Psychiatrist - Bedlam
36. Dr. Riki Oz, Xenobiologist Researcher - I needed a name to post.
37. Dr. Juan Nestor, Geologist - SLyM
38. Billy Sheldon, Accountant - Mr. Mojo Risin
39. Wade Carmichael, Quartermaster - Assuran
40. Wally Walters, Information Technology Guru - Smoove Operator
41. Dr. Blaire Doolittle, Artificial Intelligence Researcher - 38thDoe
42. Jack Rollins, Repairman, Computer/Electronics - Infidel
43. Clark Wayne, Police/Guard Force - ObiFett
44. Peter Rogers, Police/Guard Force - Gaslight
45. Tim Taggert, Programmer - Phyphor
46. Roland Burroughs, Harbinger General Manager - Spoit
47. Brittany "Babs" Harrow, General Manager's Secretary - Alegis
48. Lester/Debra *last name open*, Crewperson's Spouse - AkimboLegs
49. John/Susana *last name open*, Crewperson's Spouse - Shiny New Toys
50. "Mike", Stowaway - Capfalcon

Reserves -

Reserves will only replace participants up until the end of Night 3. After the Night 3 narration goes up, people will die instead of being replaced.


Tell the truth to get ahead, lie to avoid death, manipulate and revel in your machinations.

!vote Patsy to put a vote for Patsy to die.
!vote Patsy to retract your old vote for Patsy.

You do not have to retract your vote, the last one you make will count.

The person with the most votes will find comfort that they will not suffer for much longer.
Taya is not dead. Not yet. She has been infected by the plague. She will die at the end of the 2nd night, but before she does she shall spread the plague to a person of her choosing.
She will do this either by sending me a PM stating who he wants to kill, or by posting publicly in this thread !Patsy. The target cannot be changed once made, whatever decision was made first will have its effect. The plague is here to stay and will continue until the end of the game.

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