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[EAST] PAX Community Tee (and hoodie) - East 2012

zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
edited March 2012 in PAX Archive
@Yamara has been ultra-busy leading up to this PAX, making amazing things for some community events, plus her busy normal life :)

Somehow a new thread pre-east was forgotten until now. It's possible that it may be too late to get some of these items before PAX, but at least there's the option!

I'm just going to go ahead and quote her thread from Prime 2011, and know that I couldn't describe it better. This logo is now used for the forum badges, the website (and wiki), among other things. There's also a sub-logo for buttoneering at Prime ;).
Yamara wrote:
At the last PAX East, the PAX Community Tee made its debut. The goal was to illustrate all (well, most) of the events put on entirely by the awesome community that surrounds PAX, both Prime and East. Thus the heraldry is split red and blue for both venues, with the Pre and Post dinners, Pubcrawls, button and card trading, and the mystery tours. Various trips and events flank. The Latin phrase says "strangers are friends," describing the willingness of the PAX community to welcome everyone into the group.


Shirts are available in men and women's sizes, in a variety of colors:

I have gotten approval for the PAX community logo (the text) and the heraldry from Khoo. He asks that items are sold at cost, and that the PAX community logo text be no larger than 4" when reproduced. In that vein, there's a one to two dollar mark-up to cover my store cost (which allows me to offer any variety of shirt). Any excess I get will be donated to Child's Play.

Read about the creation of the heraldry here.
East discussion and some shots of the shirt are here.

Prime 2012 thread:

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