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[Cards Against Humanity] With your host, Guy Smiley! Round 5!

FiggyFiggy Registered User regular
edited March 2012 in Critical Failures

That's right, folks! It's America's favourite game show host, Guy Smiley! You might remember me from such hit shows as Here is Your Life and Beat The Time, but I'm sick and god damned tired of the big networks telling me what to do, when to do it, and I'm here to run my own show! This is Cards Against Humanity! That's right, the new hit party game is now the new hit TV game show! Each contestant will take turns secretly submitting answers to my cleverly drawn questions. The studio audience, along with you folks listening at home, will decide which answer is best, and the winning submitter scores a point on the Point-O-Tron! Whichever of these lovely contestants scores the most points before the time limit expires wins the game!

Sound good? Too bad. Let's meet our contestants!

1. Capfalcon
2. daniant
3. Telnaior
4. Matev
5. Salvation122
6. Majestic Goat
7. TheRoadVirus
8. Darkewolfe
9. towndrunk34
10. Shiny New Toys
11. Rius
12. Anialos
13. Cerberus
14. Vanguard
15. Cayrus
16. pesky
17. Laemkral

Oh wait, that's right. I almost forgot! Your old pal Guy Smiley did a few years in rehab for a pretty nasty gambling addiction. Trouble is, he never really kicked it. In order to get my fix, I've added a bit of a twist to the game. During any round, you can bet one of your points to play an extra secret answer! Just scream at the top of your lungs that you Bet You've Got It! No one will know which answers are yours, but we'll all know what's at stake. If you win the round, you keep your point. If you lose, well, old Smiley knows all about that bitch, Lady Luck. Oh, and your bet point goes to the actual winner that round.

Now that we're all clear on the rules, the Card-O-Tron will give you your hand of cards, and we can begin! But first, those network dick-holes say we have to take a break to sell you some stuff you don't need! We'll be right back, folks!


Figgy on
daniant wrote:
Alright, looks like I'm giving up golden showers for Lent.
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