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{East} PAX hopes/fears

purevalpureval Registered User regular
edited March 2012 in PAX Archive
In this thread post any particular things you hope to accomplish/see/have happen etc or anything you are afraid might happen.

This year I hope:
To meet Paul and Storm
To catch some swag thrown out to the crowd (a life long dream of mine)
To get an autograph from Gabe and/or Tycho
To get into one of the parenting panels (the one panel my wife wanted to go to last year. I did not think it would be popular and we got there too late to get in)
I get something cool from the Magic panel
The ACAM room has Q*Bert
That my son's first PAX will be awesome and he will become a life long fan

My fears are:
It will be too much for my son and he will hate it
I will spend too much money
The convention will be too much for my wife (she is pregnant) and she will have a bad time
I will be stuck with a hundred trading cards no one wants

pureval on


  • ottoman673ottoman673 Registered User
    This year, I Hope:
    to meet more awesome people, like i did last year.
    to spend more time attending panels and taking in the other elements of PAX i didn't last year [spent far too much time in Expo..]
    to attend the friday night concerts, since i definitely won't be able to Saturday
    to learn a few TTG's, especially at the Game Night before PAX
    to play in a Console and a PC Tournament

    I fear:
    not waking up in time Monday morning [damn you, 7:00am flight.. only one available]
    those awkward moments walking the con floor alone, and such.
    that my decent eating habits will slip over the weekend - i've been doing so well, too.
    that i'll probably forget something at home, like i always do...

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  • GrimRupertGrimRupert Registered User regular
    - To be social and make new, lasting friends this time. Last year I was pretty reserved, and this year I want to come back with people to keep an eye out for next time.

    - To not be so nerdy when I meet inspirations. I totally geeked out when I met MovieBob, Shamus Young and Tim Schaeffer last year, and I feel I made bad impressions rather than good ones. These are guys I've always wanted to just sit down and chill with and have good conversation, treating them as equals rather than Gods, and boy did I blow it. Hopefully this won't happen again.

    - That Aliens: Colonial Marines will be playable, I will be able to get up early enough Saturday morning to secure a good place in line to try it, and that it won't suck.

    - That my confidence will falter and I'll have trouble breaking out of my shell and having fun with new people.

    - That I'll make an ass out of myself to James Portnow

    - That for whatever reason, I won't be able to go to PAX East after all.

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  • scosner56scosner56 Registered User regular
    This is my first PAX but...I hope for:
    1. To get a ton of autographs
    2. Play MTG with a ton of people
    3. Meet the MTG guys/get some great cards
    4. To have an awesome time.

    1. Work will schedule me for that weekend anyways, even though I've been telling them since November I was going.
    2. For whatever reason something doesn't work out like it should, hotel, badge, BYOC...etc.
    3. Won't have an awesome time.

  • DominoDomino Keizen Mikazuki New York, NYRegistered User regular
    Hopes and Dreams~
    - I get a prepainted set of Super Dungeon Explore :3
    - I get to play Big Eyes Small Mouth and Maids RPG
    - I find someone who play Tales of Phantasmal Gensokyo and is willing to do a short stage. (I have DMed it, but I never got to play and it's soooooo fun)
    - I find a waifu XD

    Fears and Disdains D:
    - I won't be able to attend Friday at all because of hefty schedule conflicts with Anime Boston :(
    - I lose my minimum wage job (eh, whatever. I have an internship over the summer that's 1000x better)
    - The traveling situation between AB and Pax because I want to go between the two at off times.
    - My cosplay rips, tears, breaks, etc.

  • PayneTraynePayneTrayne Canuck Registered User regular
    This will be my first PAX:

    I hope to~
    Meet the Penny Arcade crew, not just Mike and Jerry, but all the people we've met throughout PATV.
    Meet LoadingReadyRun, or at least the small crew that they're bringing to PAXEast.
    Meet a wack load of new people, and maybe even a few friends!
    I hope to see MC Frontalot and JoCo and a night with LRR (this'll be the hardest)

    I fear~
    That my Canadian-ness will stick out like a sore thumb.
    I will have an emotional meltdown when coming face to face with people who've influenced me.
    I'll talk to no one in lines except for people I already know.

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  • girlgamer88girlgamer88 Registered User regular
    This is my second PAX:

    I'm hoping to:
    -Meet some awesome people
    -Get/give a bunch of trading cards! Also: hugs
    -Have even more fun than I did last year
    -Enjoy myself and not let any outside factors prevent me from having a good time
    -Get a good spot in the Main Theater for the concerts

    My fears are:
    -Something happens to my costume (prop weapon/armor gets damaged)
    -I'll spend too much money/run out
    -I'll get lost or misplace my belongings
    -I'll let certain things bother me and not enjoy myself as much
    -I won't get into the Saturday night concert, because that's the most important one for me


    Future game art lady!
  • dannyodwyerdannyodwyer Registered User
    My first PAX, first time on the East coast, and I'm flying from London to do a Panel on Friday (yay?)

    - See loads of Boston
    - Meet all the indie devs I've only met over twitter.
    - Meet the Giant Bomb guys
    - Have more than 1 person turns up at my panel and they laugh.
    - Drink some local beers.
    - Have somebody shake my hand just for being Irish

    - My laptop breaks 5 minutes before my presentation starts.
    - A pack of lions tear my face off (I always have this fear)

    PS, this is my panel:

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