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[EAST] The First Annual PAX East D&D Micro-Campaign Type Thing For Winners

RickyControversyRickyControversy Registered User
edited March 2012 in PAX Archive
After much procrastinating, discussion and discussion of procrastination, I am pleased to announce that a friend and I shall be hosting the first of what we hope will become regular PAX D&D micro-campaigns at PAX East 2012. This thread is an open call for players interested in joining up, but be advised that I've not tried something on this kind of time-frame before, so I cannot promise we'll clear all the content I've worked out in the time allotted. Details follow.

- - -

[Microcampaign PAX-E-01]: Lasmir's Faded Jewel

On an island dominated by mountains, many sacred in one way or another, only one could be said to hold a place in every man's heart; Lasmir. Three-hundred years ago, a ridge near its peak played host to the final battle between Takam, the rampaging storm elemental, and The Tidal Accord, a group of four adventurers who made the sealing of the tumultuous beast their sole objective. Led by Nezhen Haluu, a water-priest and seafarer, they fought Takam with all their might until the beast was destroyed; though in its final moments, it claimed the lives of Nezhen, Sorise Voe, a warrior and mother of Nezhen's child, and Caelun, an assassin rescued from the depths of a great dungeon by Nezhen in his earlier travels. Only Nezhen's oldest friend, Faolorn Faormiou, a disgraced Elven noble from the mainland who served the Accord as shaman, survived the battle.

Mourning his friends and restored to his title for his achievements, but still forbidden from ever returning home, Faolorn dedicated his life to the memory of the Accord and to his promise that he would take care of Nezhen and Sorise's child, then only two years old. He funneled his personal wealth into converting the caverns within Lasmir, scarred by the great battle as they were, into a vast memorial tomb where he interred the bodies of his three allies. To make it inviolable, he sent for those vassals still loyal to him to come with soldiers to take up the duty of guarding the tomb. Faolorn himself raised and educated Nezhen's son, Hoso, who grew up to unify the villages of valley and mountain and become the first man to rule the whole island, beginning the Haluu dynasty.

Things have remained this way for three centuries, Faolorn serving as advisor to each new generation of the legendary Haluu dynasty, his servitors still guarding the Tomb of the Accord in Lasmir. But over the past few months, rumors of strange phenomena occurring at the shrine on Lasmir Ridge have spread across the islands: strange shapes appearing in the air, sudden and brief surges in humidity, small cyclones of fog forming and evaporating at night. These rumors are rare enough that Faolorn and the Haluu family itself sees fit to dismiss them, but others are not so convinced.

One festival evening, as the village grows loud with drunken revelry, a young water-priest apprentice approaches you and your comrades, having heard of your recent exploits. He tells you that he is concerned about these occurrences and is authorized to compensate you substantially if you will investigate them. Before you can respond, he instructs you to meet him at the small temple just east of the village at sunrise, and leaves as abruptly as he came. Despite the troubling premonition the rumors leave you with, the next morning finds you and your comrades up before the light, heading east.

- - -

This microcampaign is designed for four or five players of 3rd Level, and is intended to take between 6 and 8 hours of total play time to complete. It features one dungeon, and is designed with the 4th Edition rule set in mind. Maps, miniatures and dice will be provided, though you are welcome to bring and use special materials if you wish, though they will be your responsibility. I shall be presiding as Dungeon Master, and two of the available player slots are already taken, though only one has declared his class. You should have your characters developed to your taste before PAX East begins. Play times are presently negotiable, though I ask that if you have any panels/events you absolutely must see, you let me know in advance so I can factor that in. Sign-ups will be on a first-come, first-compatible, first-serve basis. Do try to keep party balance in mind.

Without any further ado, signups are open!

Dungeon Master: Ricky Controversy
Player 1: George, Undecided
Player 2: Theodore, Barbarian
Player 3: [EMPTY]
Player 4: [EMPTY]
Player 5: [EMPTY]

P.S., This is what further ado would be: Adooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

RickyControversy on


  • DArtagnanDArtagnan Registered User
    edited April 2012
    I'm interested I've already PMed you but not got any response.

    DArtagnan on
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