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Everyone Loves MoPs [SE++ WoW]

EndEnd Registered User regular
edited March 2012 in Singularity Engine++

Arthas is dead. Deathwing is dead too. But the real threat looms on the horizon.

Look at this motherfucker. Easily the most diabolical and evil force in Azeroth, Outland, or any colored dream. He not only used the blood elves and Illidan, but Kil'jaeden to his advantage. Check out that ability! He gains control of all ready resources! I don't even know what that means, but I'm sure it's goddamn powerful.

So Shamblers, start gearing up for Undead Fel Elemental Lord Kael'thas Sunstrider due in patch 5.2 and also six and two thirds

<Shambler Milk> is the place to come if you'd like to play with SE++ers.

Joining Up:

1) Create a character on Cho'gall
2) /who Shambler Milk
3) Ask someone for a guild invite
4) Friends and family are welcome

Get an Authenticator you damn weiners

Raid Schedule:

25-mans squat on Tuesday
All weekday raids remain at 8PM server/9PM EST/6PM PDT
(6PM server weekends)

How to Shamble

You like raids, yes? Well we got raids. Here are good things to have:
  1. Download and install MilkGlass!
  2. Download and install Ventrilo. You don't need to have a mic, but you do need to be able to, and know how to listen.
  3. Download an up to date version of Deadly Boss Mods.
  4. Know your class. The Elitist Jerks Forums generally have good information for every class, so give some of their information a read through. You can also ask in guild and people will try to help.
  5. Have your gear properly gemmed and enchanted. Yes this costs gold. Tough shit, do it anyway. Don't be a Moopac.
  6. Be able to pay attention and think/act/react on your own.
  7. Have (at least) a rudimentary knowledge of the encounters in which you are about to partake.

Guild Roster
The Officers:

Lord Dave - Mirren - Mage - Queen of the Guild
EclipsedPlanet - Montina - Paladin - Consort
Ranlin - Alendra - Druid - Weh Wemh
Radius - Kyira - Rogue - Hates you
Metacortex - Nobarg - Warrior - Grabby
Dely Apple - Pipette - Hunter - 106.3, Radio KDLY
Bogey - Vymes - Death Knight - Social Director

Master of Feegs:
Nikolai - Higgins - Butt

The Plebeians:

Rhylith - Rhylith - Shaman
Dys - Dystopian - Shaman
captaink - Knut - Shaman
Balefuego - Baledar - Shaman
Lock Robster! - Eits - Druid
Opalcat - Pittpolecat - Warlock
Javen - Javen - Rogue
SA - Revash - Warlock
Bucketman - Skragg - Warrior
Belruel - Belruen - Priest
Laurrie - Aladorn - Death Knight
Gatsby - Jerne - Hunter
Naphtali - Naphtali - Priest
Mitten - Cless - Priest
GRMike - Borrock - Paladin
Sarukun - Kerokoa - Druid
Bytoady - Toadles - Warrior
The Geebs that is a Mod - Vonne - Priest
Slow - Nsfw - Rogue
Langly - Cuthburt - Paladin
Animal Companion - Xenomortis - Rogue
Ruer - Mintaka - Warrior
Cilla Black - Urdahlia - Priest
Zucchini - Zucchini - Druid
Blankspace - Blankasaurus - Hunter
Manifest - Manif - Paladin
Callius - Callius - Paladin
Wubblewoo - Wubblewoo - Paladin
Ranx - Vamrithis - Priest
Shabooty - Ooty - Druid
Aphostile - Ephostile - Druid
Tsplitter - Rasmius - Warrior
Swill - Swills - Paladin
Deaconblues - Normanus - Priest
Shadowthomas - Xangia - Paladin
Scosglen - Barnago - Warlock
End - Zaraleiriria - Warlock
Uriel - Rotshank - Rogue
Yukira - Leliana - Paladin

The Babbies:

That Dave Fella - Dafella - Shaman
Vargas Prime - Vhargas - Paladin
Fearghaill - Euryale - Warlock
Andrew Ryan - Dryan - Death Knight
The Stig - Ursine - Druid
Stale - Stizz - Warrior
Asmodei - Fahren - Warlock
Baywatch - Crossbuster - Rogue
Professor Snugglesworth - Jordinand - Druid
Quoth - Lydda - Hunter
SabreMau - Charvanek - Paladin
SLyM - Davl - Druid
Munkus Beaver - Munkus - Druid
I Win Swordfights! - Korovan - Paladin
??? - Snrub - Druid
Sara Lynn - Odella - Rogue
joshua1numbers - Trollishness - Druid
Isoldae - Isomon - Warlock
Modedieu: 70's Shaman

Along with all the friends and families of Shamblers.


Derrick - ??? - ???

Shamblers of Yore:

Meissnerd - Stop healing him
makershot - Rubenesque - Shaman
Drool - Remmos - Baby with a beard
WhiskeyBiznass - Gwency - Rogue
Omegasquash - Omegasquash - Paladin
Fallout - TOMCRUISE - DK
Frylockholmes - Valikriss - Warrior
Aburnflags - Vilmon - Paladin
Preachermeat - Krythlynn - Paladin
Joah - Chatturgha - Shaman
Linksville - Franksville - Druid
Kusuguttai - Kusu - Warlock
futility - Shekhina - Hunter
SkankPlaya - Vaklempt - Warlock
Fandyien - Fandyien - Priest
World as Myth - Yosephine - Rogue
Captain Cthulu - Naporeon - Paladin
Neville - Nevga - DK
SithDrummer - Arkjin - Hunter
Hoodie - Avataar - Hunter
Aslan - Pysek - Mage
Owenashi - Kaziel - Warrior
Backwards - Sdraw - Mage
Centipede - Ravkaras - warlock
Roahgnar - Anjin-San - Warrior
Jes is a - jessaissa - Mage

How to not be that guy in groups. Don't be that guy.

WoW Terminology. If you find yourself confused by the language of WoW, this is a good place to start.

Curse Gaming: World of Warcraft mod depository. If it's a WoW mod it's probably here.

Wowhead: The best database for WoW hands-down.

MMO-Champion: The go-to site for patch and PTR news.

WoW Insider: The Kotaku of WoW. Slower news than everyone else, and a lot of crappy articles, but occasionally a rare gem.

Elitist Jerks Forums: Wondering whether haste or crit is better for you? EJ has had their results on that published in scientific journals.

Pet Collectors: Compendium for vanity pets. What pets exist, and how to get them.

Pettopia: Compendium for hunter pets. What pets exist, and how to get them

Mount Up!: Compendium for mounts. What riding pets exist and how to get them.

Wow Wiki: The largest known database of WoW lore outside of Owenashi geocities page.

I wish that someway, somehow, that I could save every one of us
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