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Everyone Loves MoPs [SE++ WoW]

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Arthas is dead. Deathwing is dead too. But the real threat looms on the horizon.

<Shambler Milk> is the place to come if you'd like to play with SE++ers.

Joining Up:

1) Create a character on Cho'gall
2) /who Shambler Milk
3) Ask someone for a guild invite
4) Friends and family are welcome

Get an Authenticator you damn weiners

Raid Schedule:

25-mans squat on Tuesday
All weekday raids remain at 8PM server/9PM EST/6PM PDT
(6PM server weekends)

How to Shamble

You like raids, yes? Well we got raids. Here are good things to have:
  1. Download and install MilkGlass!
  2. Download and install Ventrilo. You don't need to have a mic, but you do need to be able to, and know how to listen.
  3. Download an up to date version of Deadly Boss Mods.
  4. Know your class. The Elitist Jerks Forums generally have good information for every class, so give some of their information a read through. You can also ask in guild and people will try to help.
  5. Have your gear properly gemmed and enchanted. Yes this costs gold. Tough shit, do it anyway. Don't be a Moopac.
  6. Be able to pay attention and think/act/react on your own.
  7. Have (at least) a rudimentary knowledge of the encounters in which you are about to partake.

Guild Roster


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This is the island, the island by the edge, the end of the world, the end of our pledge


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