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[EAST] Destructoid and Flixist screening DDR movie "The FP" on Sunday

OriginalGmanOriginalGman Registered User regular
edited March 2012 in PAX Archive
If you haven't yet heard about The FP, it's supposed to be the funniest and greatest video game movie ever made (about Dance Dance Revolution and gang warfare, at least), and it only has a limited theatrical release. Chances are you haven't been near a showing, but Destructoid and Flixist hope to correct that if you're going to PAX East or live near Boston. They're hosting a special screening of the movie at Boston Common 19 with Jonathan Holmes and others to be in attendance. There will be free games and prizes to be had, as well as a post-viewing discussion of the film and anything else! Tickets are only $9, but we need a minimum of 100 people to sign up, so please reserve a ticket now and spread the word!

This will be the best possible time to see this movie, surrounded by other gamers who will get all the jokes. Here's some reviews by Kotaku and Flixist, but check out a trailer on Youtube if you really want to understand the insanity.

Please, reserve your tickets now and tell your friends, and together we can stretch out the greatness of PAX East for a few more hours, and end the weekend on the highest of notes!

OriginalGman on


  • vicechanvicechan Registered User regular
    In light of this, I don't know if I'm grateful or sad that I'll be leaving Boston on Sunday.

  • OriginalGmanOriginalGman Registered User regular
    vicechan wrote: »
    In light of this, I don't know if I'm grateful or sad that I'll be leaving Boston on Sunday.

    Not sure what you mean, but sorry you can't make it.

  • OriginalGmanOriginalGman Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    Only 13 hours left to reserve a ticket. If you only see one movie at PAX East, don't make it Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, everyone's seen that already. Make it The FP. And don't forget, it doesn't conflict with any PAX events!

    OriginalGman on
  • BaconSandwichBaconSandwich Registered User regular
    Come on, guys. 46 tickets in 9 hours. We can do this.

    PAX East 2010/2011/2012 Omeganaut!
  • PeasantDavePeasantDave Jersey ShoreRegistered User regular
    Mentioned this on twitter to help get the word out. I won't be able to make it due to prior obligations, but I do want to see this movie so badly.

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