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[EAST] Pax-Easter Egg hunt!

PixelKittyPixelKitty Registered User regular
edited March 2012 in PAX Archive
Just another heads up, Epic is hiding Easter eggs with Gears of War 3 codes and prizes.
Here's all the details:
Should be a fun time ;)

PixelKitty on


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    JayDfromMAJayDfromMA MARegistered User regular
    Oooh can't wait!

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    adias.angeladias.angel Tech-Savvy Wife Kalamazoo, MIRegistered User regular
    Ohhh!!! I love easter egg hunting!

    Prime '12, '13, '14, '15, '19 .. East '12
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    tortured3tortured3 Registered User regular
    Haha that's awesome

    grym & kvlt
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    DaNickaDaNicka Studly Nurd Peoples Republic Of Massachusetts, DunstableRegistered User regular
    I'll be hunting for them :)

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    bottledgoosebottledgoose Sunderland, MARegistered User regular
    Oooh, an egg hunt? Yes please!

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    JayDfromMAJayDfromMA MARegistered User regular
    I hope there are some easy and some that are stupid hard to find. Those are my fav.

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    brendo927brendo927 Registered User new member
    Jazz Jackrabbit was the shit.

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