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Computer Troubles (3rd time wasn't the charm)

msuitepyonmsuitepyon Registered User regular
edited March 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
So, I've made two previous threads trying to resolve my computer issues. It started out with my computer not booting. I have the same problem now.

- AMD Athlon 64 3800*
- 1GB DDR400*
- 600W PSU*
- GeForce 6800GT

*- New component

I have also tried a new video card (straight from the box), with no result.

So, when I press the power button the computer powers up for a few seconds then turns off. I can press the power button again right after it stops and it'll start back up. Then, I might (might) get a start-up beep. Otherwise, nothing I can do will make the computer boot and start Windows.

Any suggestions?

msuitepyon on
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