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My bands first EP.

nightmarennynightmarenny Registered User regular
edited April 2012 in Artist's Corner
My Rock Band, "The Wicked Girls", recently recorded our first EP "Dia de Los Dangerous!" We've been together for about half a years and have put quite a bit of work into it. Its basically the first three songs we wrote together and we are using it as practice for an album we hope to have written by the beginning of Summer.

Hope you like it.

A little info on each song.

Maze of My Mind is the first song we wrote together and was basically written our of use learning The Who's Pinball Wizard. We took two of the chords from the intro and tooled around with them and then our lead guitarist came up with the main lick on top of it. A sort of Russian folk inspired affair. We later added the louder second part and first outro with our lead guitarist then coming up with the Spanish lick that the acts as a frame for the song. It's pretty much our standard opener both performing and in practice for its uptempo beat and musical catchy-ness.

Distortion is a song both written and sung by our bassist who has a lower and more folk-punk inspired vocal style. It's something he wrote the lyrics to first and has spent several bands trying to get the music right. Several times he's started from scratch but I think this is the one to stick.

Freezing Cold is also written by our bassist but sung by our lead Guitarist like "Maze". As the Rhythm I got to use flanger! I'm pretty happy about that. This is probably our favorite of the songs we recorded and the only one we plan to record for a future album.

nightmarenny on


  • FANTOMASFANTOMAS Flan ArgentavisRegistered User regular
    is that a Venture Brothers reference?

  • nightmarennynightmarenny Registered User regular

  • FANTOMASFANTOMAS Flan ArgentavisRegistered User regular
    I was listening to 3 tracks. I have to say, overall it sounds good. in the first track, the guitar sounds a bit sloppy to be so much in the front, in fact it distracts from the song. I cant say much about the second track, but in the third track, well... the vocals sounds off, disonant but not in the good experimental music way, just disonant.
    Now, I am not a "musician" per se, eventhough I play some bass, drums, and I used to sing in a garage covers-band. However I do listen to a lot of music and I am known around my friends for being an asshole when it comes to criticizing music.

    Having said that, the songs are not bad, and just making new takes for the guitar in the first song and for the voice in the third would make them more cohesive.

  • ninjaininjai Registered User regular
    Not enought this I think

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