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[Broadband House Phones] - that don't work.

CantidoCantido Registered User regular
I'll expand this thread to talk about Internet Phones, Broadband Phones, whatever you want to call them, because they are a fantastic thing out there. If you have a broadband connection, you can buy special telephones that hook up to your router and use your internet connection to make, and recieve, phone calls unlimited by range or minute usage.

But my family is on T-Mobile, and for a few years we replaced our home phone line with their internet phone service. What we did was purchase their internet phone service for 15$ a month, and they gave us a T-Mobile Hi Port, which we attach directly to the broadband modem, and bam. Unlimited phone calls. Last I heard, one in five American households have switched to Internet Phones.

But for a few weeks our phone has stopped working. Before dying completely, we would answer phone calls while the caller would just hear the phone continuing to ring, being unable to hear us. Now our internet connection still works but the phone does not. We tried replacing both the phone and the hi port, and nothing works. Is anyone familiar with this kind of technology?

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    What did T-Mobil tell you when you called their tech support?

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