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[EAST] Last-Minute Going Solo Thread

MateomanMateoman Registered User regular
edited April 2012 in PAX Archive
I just found out that my friend can no longer join me this weekend, and it's bumming me out. PAX is meant to be shared, dammit! Is anybody else in this position? Because I'm all for making some new friends :).

If so, what was on your "must see" list?

For me: Keynote, Rooster Teeth, Kotaku, Mega64, Friday Concert (Supercommuter, Minibosses), Saturday Concert (never seen VGO before!), Giant Bomb if I can squeeze it in... the Namco/Bandai Party and Gamers Gone Wild on Friday... Curse's party on Saturday... I'd like to stop in for some of the daytime chiptune concerts, relax a little in the Handheld Lounge and play some MK7 on my 3DS, and I'm pretty psyched about the classic arcade room. And obviously I plan on seeing every last bit of the show floor.

I'll be dressed as "Steve" from Minecraft, so say hi if you see me!

Mateoman on


  • King of MarsKing of Mars Registered User regular
    I'm also going solo again, but meeting some other forum peeps at various events, such as the PPD, Pokecrawl, etc. Looking forward to the VGO as well (since I somehow managed to miss them last year), as well as the Make-A-Strip panel, and n00dz or GTFO. Beyond that, I don't really like to make plans because shit always changes for me. Not just for PAX, but for everything all the time.

    Also, I'm told there's pinball somewhere in there.

    Writhe your naked ass to the mindless groove.
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    3DS: 2492-5478-6311 // Steam & WiiU: kingofmars2099
  • MrGone1980MrGone1980 Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    Who's coming down thursday afternoon? I'm down to hit the TTG thing at the Westin but is anybody else doing nothing til then?

    I kinda thought the Scott Pilgrim thing would still have tix but it's sold out. I'm down for drinking, bellyaching, whatevs. Definitely down for an impromptu bar thing if anyone's up for it...some light Pre-Pax Pre-gaming if you get my drift.

    Anybody else in a similar boat?

    MrGone1980 on
  • ottoman673ottoman673 Registered User
    I went solo last year, i'm going solo this year.

    it's better that way, honestly. friends are fun, but meeting new people is more interesting, especially when i have to travel...

    PAX East 2012 Checklist: [x] 3 Day Pass [x] Time off Work [x] Flight [x] Hotel
  • FruhmannFruhmann Registered User regular
    i've been to 3 PAX with my friends and my gf. all together the most time i spent with anyone was 4-5 hours on a single day. one day at prime '11 i think my gf and i spent all sunday together.

    i like being able to fly to what i want to see solo. going where i want, hunting the swag i want. out of my group i'm the only one that is pretty meh towards pannels and only one other friends tries doing scavenger hunts and the like.

    but it is nice to come across them and get food with people.

  • DArtagnanDArtagnan Registered User
    I've been to one Pax before this, but several other cons before that. I always go solo. Going to be spending this game looking for mirco-campaigns and one-shots to play.

  • Wraith260Wraith260 Happiest Goomba! Registered User regular
    soloing again, 3rd PAX, just about to get ready to head to the airport. staying at the InterContinental, checking in Tuesday afternoon Boston time. posted my pic in the 'mugshots for moe' thread. if anyone happens to spot me feel free to say hi. :)

  • bottledgoosebottledgoose Registered User
    Not soloing, but my interests rather wildly diverge from the group I'm coming with so am anticipating a lot of solo time over three days.

  • GhostDanGhostDan Registered User regular
    I will be soloing myself. So many of my friends always want to go but never do. This will be my first year going to PAX East so it should be fun either way :)

  • polaris314polaris314 Registered User regular
    This is my first PAX East and I'm going solo, but I have a feeling I'll run into at least a few people I've met before at Prime. In any case, meeting new people and making new friends is always one of the big highlights of these trips for me, so feel free to say hi! I'll be at the Thursday night Harmonix thing at the Brattle if anyone else is going (skipping the movie though). The only other must-do's for me (so far) are the Friday night concerts and the Giant Bomb panel on Saturday.

    XBL/PSN-Polaris314/Twitter/DJ P0LARI5
  • FieldStobaughFieldStobaugh Registered User
    edited April 2012
    Hey all, going to PAX East solo this year and need to meet some new people. Im a really tall white guy who loves games of all kind and long walks on the beach. Def love to meet up with some people this year, especially on Saturday. Should be epic!

    My Twitter account is @FieldStobaugh

    FieldStobaugh on
    We are many, you are but one. @FieldStobaugh
  • CallaCalla Registered User
    Going solo, 1st PAX! Would love to meet up with anyone, I don't really have any plans whatsoever and my number one priority is just to have fun and find new stuff to get in to!!

  • JarsJars Registered User regular
    I have nothing to do on friday since I don't have a pass

  • MrGone1980MrGone1980 Registered User regular
    hey Jars, there seems to be a ton of fun stuff to do on Friday, check the PAX parties thread.

    at a glance, sign up for a WorldofTanks account and see if they're still accepting people into their open bar thing, i'ts 9:00PM-2:00AM. I got in no problem. has a party, you just need a flyer but I'm sure someone at PAX can grab one for you.
    No one knows where Square's party is going to be.

    But I digress:

    Aaaaand...if you're under 21, the only one that seems to be all ages and/or 18+ is the sidequesting thing.

    Good luck homey. You'll find stuff to do!

  • LucaLaSmokeLucaLaSmoke Registered User
    This is my first pax even, driving up from new York city soon, would love to meet up . Staying at the Embassy Suites for the weekend.

  • elderbotelderbot Registered User regular
    Going solo again for the third time. I'll wander everywhere, but mostly camp in Tabletop. I'm going to start a few games for people to join, no experience required. Hopefully some of you will join me. (@Elderbot)

  • japerryjaperry Registered User regular
    Sorta going solo... my gf and I don't know many others in the boston area, we'll be in BYOC and doing tabletop games!

  • MateomanMateoman Registered User regular
    It's really encouraging to see how many of you are open and willing to make new friends at this. I'm a pretty talkative and bubbly dude once you initiate conversation with me, but that little factor of approaching people and starting conversations can be a bit daunting at first. Luckily, being "Steve" from Minecraft should help bridge that gap, because he's freaking awesome (and cubical!).

  • terriblejoshuaterriblejoshua Registered User regular
    i'll be solo from NY. if anyone wants to meet up tonight let me know. I lived in boston for a year for H and I know my way around. call or email or 914 715 0361

  • GreenSageGreenSage Registered User
    Hey I'll be going solo all three days! Doing some panels and definitely looking to drink after. Barcraft on Sunday!

    Anyone want to get an SC2 tourney going on saturday? I could maybe even do tomorrow night. What about drinking/partying?

    I live in the area and have my bike so I'm pretty much down to do whatever.

  • sillyzombie666sillyzombie666 massRegistered User regular
    edited April 2012
    im soloing, i will be at both keith apicary events, im fat tall huge back pack , video game belt buckle and odds are ill have some sort of flashing light on

    sillyzombie666 on

    PAX East 2018:
    vending with a friends company
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