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Friends, neighbors, countrymen. Would you put your butt in this?

Or your feet in these?

Hopefully yes, since I'm pursuing product design. Making people want stuff I've made is kind of the deal, and I'd love for you to help me get better at it!

Back to the chair, though.
Well, I am currently in the midst of making something similar for your sitting convenience. That's right, it is chair-building time. I'll be updating and such in this thread for the next couple months.

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  • NightDragonNightDragon 6th Grade Username Registered User regular
    It looks a little "fancy office chair from the 80's" to me...not sure which demographic/look you were going for, but it seems a little dated to me IMO.

    Less angular, more fluid design might help it read a little more modern.

  • MolybdenumMolybdenum Registered User regular
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    It is eerie how the grey from those backgrounds almost perfectly matched the PA forum skin grey.

    ND, I'll need to do some explaining later, but suffice it to say that chair has evolved into this:


    and is still being worked on.

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  • FANTOMASFANTOMAS Flan ArgentavisRegistered User regular
    Look uncomfortable, the chair that is, what happens if I want to put my feet under the seat, for example when you lean forward, what is the use of having that movement-inhibitor box under the seat.... I smell a plot in here.

  • NicNic Registered User regular
    I love the look of the chair but I must echo Fantomas's thoughts about how comfortable it would be. If you have good posture, you're fine, but who has good posture today? I sure don't. I'd have to shift a few chair paradigms (Chairadigms!?) before I'd be ready for that fine piece of furniture.

  • amateurhouramateurhour One day I'll be professionalhour The woods somewhere in TennesseeRegistered User regular
    I gotta be honest, those shoes look fantastic and I would wear them.

    Unfortunately my first thought when I saw the chair was "this is something affordable my principal could get on the state budget to sit in during high school days"

    It's a little dated. That's my honest opinion, and I think you're fantastic at design from those images. Your skills in that area are certainly impressive.

    You did say in the description in that image it's for lobbies and waiting areas, so I mean for that I'm sure it would be nice, but it doesn't jump out at me as anything I'd not already see in a lobby or waiting room.

    Arch wrote: »

    I never expected this burn from captain bushmeat
  • Skelly BSkelly B Registered User
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    I'm a lurker here but an active industrial designer, so I guess I should respond.

    The chair looks like it has some questionable ergonomics. I can't give you measurements off the top of my head, but you should look at some anthropometric data and make sure this reasonably accommodates the human body. Those armrests look totally unusable and uncomfortable. Honestly, I think it would be a pretty cool chair if you just took off the arms and those metal plates and extended the wood to the floor.

    The shoes look pretty good. The first has that sense of motion that I think a lot of athletic footwear strives to achieve. The coloring seems a bit fussy.

    I highly recommend Keyshot and some decent HDRi environments for rendering. I feel like Photoview gives pretty lackluster results.

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  • MolybdenumMolybdenum Registered User regular
    I <3 comments, thanks everybody.

    @ Selly B - Yep, have downloaded keyshot since that render. Thanks for the enviro links!

    Ergonomics ought to be fine- armrests are about an inch high, but the tube diameter is fine and the seatbed is dead-on 18". The only thing that really needs tweaking for that one is the backrest curve.

    I say "that one" because there are many, many more chair drawings on my desk now. Now seems like a good time to explain more about the chair thing; every year, the 4th-year class of industrial students here make chairs. Each student designs and builds a production-ready prototype of their design, starting the design process from scratch and finishing in around 11 weeks. (This is not a long time.)

    Anyway, the options have been pared down to pretty much these two.


    The white material in both would be fiberglass, which I've ordered and will start experimenting with ASAP. Both are also continually being tweaked for ergonomics; the upper one is my most likely candidate and is much less square-looking now. The lower chair is what I'd really like to go after, but I can't see someone with no fiberglass experience and very limited woodworking experience pulling off the molds and tolerances that would require.

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  • MolybdenumMolybdenum Registered User regular
    some development.


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  • Faded_SneakersFaded_Sneakers Registered User regular
    While my ass is a subject of great consideration when choosing a choice perch to plop upon I have found that my back lower back in particular is far more picky and important.

    Also if the seat does not have a lean back mechanism I require legs that wont bend slip or break when I inevitably tilt the chair back on the back two legs.

    I'm the Guy that screams before the crash in the library.

    Otherwise I like the directions of your designs.

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  • FANTOMASFANTOMAS Flan ArgentavisRegistered User regular
    Like Faded Sneakers said, I like the designs, but I have doubts about how comfortable or durable... you did said wood, no metal? Anyway, I pictured the chairs as made of wood, I leaned back in my mind, and one leg broke and I fell.
    Im sending you the medical bill.

  • MolybdenumMolybdenum Registered User regular
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    Howdy folks

    I'm looking to generate some environments to support a few portfolio projects. This is a bit of a hurdle because :
    A- I've never done environments before
    B- I need to have them in relatively short order

    Essentially I'm looking for basic crit and advice on tackling this.
    Also, I have no idea how long this should be taking. Here is what I knocked out in ~50 mins just now; is this an appropriate level of finish for that timespan?

    I'm basically going to crunch as many of these out as I can manage in the next few days, so expect more soon.

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  • MolybdenumMolybdenum Registered User regular
    A WIP in color.
    I want to do more of a dramatic hero spotlight effect, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how that works without drastic vignetting. Is there a way to do this without washing out all the colors and values elsewhere?

    what it looks like now

    sort of what I want it to look like

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  • JohnTWMJohnTWM Registered User regular
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    Im no expert; so this might simply be wrong.
    From the looks of it your colors are like this:everything is the one color that it is, and if it needs to be darker, then it's greyer. I think that is what is making it feel flat or not dynamic. I know AoB has made some good posts about this somewhere, but basically you need more interesting lightsource/shadows in order to amp of the drama factor as well as guide the eye through the piece.

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  • MolybdenumMolybdenum Registered User regular
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    WIP birds-eye

    the little red blob there is a car

    I'm feeling less than fantastic about the composition right now; 1:2.35 is waaay wider than I expected and the upper-right is all dead space. Considering adding a distant skyline or something to pull a tiny bit of interest and establish the setting.

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  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    your strokes are really messy which is not helping, But I think that your color and light is really grey and washed out, which is the real problem. You can get away with way less if your light is well observed and your strokes are confident. Are you using anyone for inspiration? I would really recommend looking at some pixar color scripts, or people who do similar work:
    I'm not stellar in the environment department, but I started to improve when I sought out the really great visual development artists and tried to learn what I could from their work.

    TPSouRed RaevynMolybdenum
  • MolybdenumMolybdenum Registered User regular
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    Still working on this, but here's my hilariously broken process work.

    So the obvious lesson learned here is not to add light sources after I've already blocked in stuff, even if it is just a rim/catch light. I got invested in fleshing out the details of the body armor before I really nailed down light colors and directions.

    Things I like:
    - rendering of the VTOL hopper
    - saturation pushed way past where I usually end up
    - funky neon pink sexshop lighting
    - TF2-inspired gradient on the Support

    I need some help figuring out the blotchy square patches I end up with when I try to add a layer of detail. The helmet/paldron area were much cleaner in the first few passes and I'm not super sure why.

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