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Why isn't there Wireless television?

nidayaqoob1230nidayaqoob1230 Registered User
edited April 2012 in Graphic Violence
Radios are wireless, Internet can now be wireless, cellphones pick up everything, so why does a tv still need an antenna/cable? It would be so much more convenient in our houses if we could move the tv around the room/rooms without extension cables and all that stuff. One receiver in the house could transmit to all tv sets. It doesn't seem so difficult.

nidayaqoob1230 on


  • BlazeFireBlazeFire Registered User regular
    I'm guessing this is in the wrong forum but I'll go ahead and answer.

    TVs were originally wireless. Bunny-ears or aerials were very common. I'm not sure what you are talking about here? Do you think it is different because the antenna is external to the device?

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