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Where is the best swag?

FruhmannFruhmann Registered User regular
edited April 2012 in PAX Archive
Gimme da loot! Gimme the loot!

Lanyards, magnets and card stock promo ads? Nah!

Which booths are giving out the good stuff?

Fruhmann on


  • gamerman1227gamerman1227 Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    Swag this year isn't so great, but to get any of it you have to wait in a 2 hour line

    gamerman1227 on
  • KorvasKorvas Registered User regular
    From 10 to 1 lord of the rings is giving away free sweatshirts on sunday... They also did that today, saturday... Wish I knew :(

  • avsfan590avsfan590 Registered User
    I liked the Spec ops shirt but most of the swag by now for sunday is most likely gone.

  • ImperfectImperfect Toronto, Ontario, CanadaRegistered User regular
    Thanks, Korvas. Managed to score a hoodie thanks to you.

    Here's my contribution: If you head to the Capcom booth, and hop in a box and record Why You Love Street Fighter, they may still be passing out neat little foldable speakers!

  • JayDfromMAJayDfromMA Registered User regular
    I was sad I missed out on the Alien face huggers. I heard they were handing them out in lines before panels. I saw the Easter bunny throwing them while I was waiting in the Alien line but they were nowhere even close to me.

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