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Self induced PC game coma since 2010

RichardRichard Registered User regular
edited June 2012 in Games and Technology
Been in a self induced PC game coma since 2010. What PC exclusive (360 owner) games did I miss? Planning on a new PC in a couple of months. So far the list is:

* Civilization V
Civilization V: Gods & Kings
* Total War: Shogun 2
* Legend of Grimrock

Any other must-play games you would recommend?

Richard on


  • lowlylowlycooklowlylowlycook Registered User regular

    (Please do not gift. My game bank is already full.)
  • mere_immortalmere_immortal So tasty!Registered User regular
    Binding of Isaac
    Witcher 2

    Steam: mere_immortal - PSN: mere_immortal - XBL: lego pencil - Wii U: mimmortal - 3DS: 1521-7234-1642 - Bordgamegeek: mere_immortal
  • DoctorArchDoctorArch Curmudgeon Registered User regular
    Come on by the Steam thread and hang out. We're all pretty classy and full of recommendations for PC games.

    My personal favorites recently are Football Manager 2012 (think of it as Moneyball: The Movie: The Game) and Crusader Kings 2.

    Switch Friend Code: SW-6732-9515-9697
  • RichardRichard Registered User regular

    SpaceChem looks fun. Well maybe not from looking at screen shots but after reading about it I will definitely add it to my list. Thank you.

  • DaveTheWaveDaveTheWave Registered User regular
    Sign up to and you get a bunch of free games. One of which I've been playing for the past 2 days and is really great. Called Treasure Adventure Game. It's a little Metroidy in design. You're probably looking for more modern style stuff but I just felt the desire to share the fact that this game is really cool. And free.

  • RichardRichard Registered User regular
    I was thinking of playing Witcher 2 on my 360 but checking out the steam thread sounds like good idea. Even though I have avoided reading about pc gaming news the last couple of years games like Civ 5 etc are hard to miss any way.

    Already a registered user on, feeding my pc game need with Planescape and Fallout 1 & 2 the last years. Only thing that seems to run on my very basic netbook. Gonna check out Treasure Adventure Game. Judging from the screen shots it might even run on my netbook.


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