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[EAST] Lost and Found Thread

Moe FwackyMoe Fwacky Right Here, Right NowDrives a BuickModerator mod
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Hey all,

Looks like some people have lost some items. If you've lost anything or found anything, post it here.


Moe Fwacky on


  • samuelhgarfieldsamuelhgarfield Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    Hey all,

    Lost a dark blue peacoat on Saturday that hadn't showed up in the lost and found yet by now. I think I lost it in the food court but may have lost it in the exhibition hall. If you found it please please let me know! Thx.

    samuelhgarfield on
  • SheeveSheeve Registered User new member
    edited April 2012
    My boyfriend lost his wallet at 11:30 Sunday morning getting out of a cab in front of the convention center. It fell out of his pocket in the cab, or possibly on the ground by the cabs out front. I found the website for the Convention Lost and Found, and we listed it there. Just wanted to get the word out in case anyone may have found it. It was interesting trying to fly home without his ID, but the people at Logan Airport were great. We shared that cab with a random PAXer from our hotel, we both paid in cash, and if there was a receipt, it went to him. If by some small chance he reads this and has the receipt, that would be awesome. We have no idea which cab company it was. (besides the horror of losing his wallet, we did have a great time at PAX this year, especially the Saturday Night Concert!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!) Thanks!

    Sheeve on
  • rascalrascal Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    My 11-yo lost his iPod Touch midway through viewing the Omegathon last night (it fell out of his pocket when he sat on the floor to rest). We asked around as soon as he noticed it missing, and a group of nice guys near where he had sat said that an Enforcer fortunately picked it up right away, and asked if it belonged to anyone. No one claimed it (my son was obviously not paying attention), so she walked away with it. They described her as a mid-20ish slightly heavyset African-American woman. We spent the rest of the Omegathon looking for the Enforcer who fit the description, asking the other (super-helpful) Enforcers, checking at the PAX info booth and the lost-and-found, and finally watching for the Enforcer while everyone exited the theater and checking again at the info booth and the BCEC public security center.
    I'm hoping to contact the Enforcer so I can figure out where she dropped off the iPod and hopefully expedite its return i.e. before it enters the bureaucratic maze. My son saved his allowance for months to buy the iPod and download several games, so he's pretty sad about it. A couple of the other Enforcers thought she sounded like one of the volunteers from Lion Entertainment, but no one knew her name or how to contact her. We did leave our name at the BCEC security center, so hopefully it will turn up there.
    I appreciate any help with this, thanks!

    rascal on
  • SheeveSheeve Registered User new member
    I saw a dark colored coat left on the front right seat of one of the hotel shuttles (bus #4 for the Hilton). I can't recall if it was the shuttle early in the day, or the one we took back to the hotel after the concert. I just remember seeing a dark coat as I was getting off the bus. Any chance you stayed at a Hilton? I would imagine that coat would have ended up at one of their lost and founds. Good luck!

  • ButterySaltButterySalt Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    We left a brown messenger bag in the lobby of the rennaissance hotel. If found, please call the number on the Zombie Dice in the bag or PM me on the forums. It's a brown brushed-fabric bag with fake leather accents and contained a few well-loved card games, and we'd like it back if found and would offer a reward.

    May be a long shot, but there were a lot of PAX people in the lobby last night.


    ButterySalt on
  • Jourdy28Jourdy28 Darklord Registered User new member
    Aw man, I didn't see it, but I'm bumping in hopes that somebody else did!

  • smertepunktsmertepunkt Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    We lost a camcorder with a teal pouch at PAX East on Sunday at the JS Joust setup on Sunday and we're interested in getting it back. If anybody that was playing or watching JS Joust has any information at all about the camera, please let us know. We will offer a reward if found.

    smertepunkt on
  • ittybittybuddhaittybittybuddha Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    Hey everyone, a buddy of mine lost his double ocarina on friday or saturday around the Wyvern theater. It's blue with 8 holes on top and 3 holes on the bottom. If any found it can you shoot me a message. Thanks!

    ittybittybuddha on
  • University OgreUniversity Ogre Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    So, I somehow got my Swag Bag switched with someone on Sunday between 1:00 and 4:00. I didn't notice until I was leaving the expo center for home and went to get my jacket out of it. The one I picked up only had your standard contents (Rift, Lloth, what have you). Mine was just the jacket and a five hour energy drink.

    I'm thinking low chance of being found, but I figured I'd ask.

    University Ogre on
  • fullofgracefullofgrace Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    Not sure it will help, but the MCCA tweeted that they found many things this weekend and posted a link to their Found Items List -

    fullofgrace on
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  • StexeStexe Registered User regular
    The girl I was rooming with lost her white iPhone in a pink case and a black Canon camera. She put it down while playing League of Legends at the free play area and when she looked over again they were gone. We checked the area, told the Enforcers who looked, went to the info desk, then to the security lost and found. No luck at all. We then checked again at the same places the next day and nothing.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, although we are pretty sure they are gone for good as someone stole them. Such a shame. =/

  • purevalpureval Somersworth, NH Registered User regular
    I know it is probably a long shot but I lost a Dungeons & Dragons online pin from last year in line for the geek parenting panel. It was a rectangular one with a dragon on it. If anyone found one I would like it back.

  • LuptoniumLuptonium Registered User regular
    Lost my 3DS charger but it was my own fault, lent it to someone in handheld lounge and forgot to recover it before I left.

  • viciousdviciousd Registered User new member
    Forgot my watch (Seiko Kinetic) in the Main Theatre bathroom...went back to retrieve it and it was no longer there. If you're a good person and want to return it pls let me know.

  • VolaroVolaro The Iron Gentleman Registered User regular
    Lost a plush Pokemon doll day one of the con hall. An oshawott, the gen 5 water starter. Probably a long shot, but I figure it can't hurt to ask.

  • VideoGameStupidVideoGameStupid Registered User regular
    This is a real long shot but had left my camera bag with my Transcend 32GB SD-Card to take pictures with Mr. T (I was Michael Jackson in Thriller gear) and had forgotten about the bag briefly afterwards. I came back and found that the bag was still there but the SD-Card was gone. Whoever has it i don't care if you keep the SD-card but i would like to retrieve the footage on the card. If you need proof that it is indeed my card then you can PM me and i'll describe one of the very first videos that appear on the card.

  • qidqid Buffalo, NYRegistered User new member
    Very long shot, but on Saturday mid-afternoon I lost my copy of Pokemon Rumble Blast (a Nintendo 3DS cartridge, small and white, about an inch square, in a black Pokemon case) somewhere on the main expo floor, I think on the way from the 3DS booth to the clothing shop across from the Secret World display, the one that had the gumball machine dispensing pins. I tried retracing my steps, no luck. It has a small black mark on the top, so my girlfriend and I can tell our copies apart. I'll probably have to buy a replacement sometime but if anyone happened to pick it up, I'd really appreciate being able to get it back.

  • ChaosLightChaosLight Registered User regular
    I lost a microSD card reader. Don't go looking for it, I have an adapter, but if someone happens to find it, that'd be neat.

  • CaldvanCaldvan Registered User regular
    All lost and found is supposed to end up with the BCEC this year, so if you are still missing items, please contact them. (This includes items dropped off at info booth and not claimed by Sunday)

  • venuskittenvenuskitten Registered User new member
    Lost a StarCraft 2 mouse my boyfriend won at PAX East which was inside his brother's swag bag. Please contact me at [email protected] if found. Thank you so much!

  • trinnaratrinnara Registered User regular
    I lost a signed Protomen poster. One of the signatures was made out to Erika.

  • PohTayToezPohTayToez Registered User regular
    Not sure it will help, but the MCCA tweeted that they found many things this weekend and posted a link to their Found Items List -

    This is probably your best shot at recovering a lost item. By all means post here, but you should definitely submit a claim with the convention center as well with the above link.

  • ROFISHROFISH AnehiixiiRegistered User regular
    A credit card was found at the Fangamer booth on (I believe) Friday night. We gave it to an Enforcer to the PAX lost and found. I'm not sure if it was claimed yet.

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