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PAX Swag- Anyone want a Tauntaun for a League of Legends skin?

AmycusAmycus Registered User regular
edited April 2012 in PAX Archive
Hi everyone. Many apologies if this was supposed to go into a specific thread, I didn't see a swag trading thread (yet) and the search takes ages on my phone.

Anyways, I'm trying to help out a coworker's kid with getting him a PAX Sivir and/or Riot Nasus codes. He mentioned that his sons play League of Legends and I'd like to give the codes for at least one to them. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a rep with codes and missed my shot =/

I did, however, happen to get 2 Tauntaun codes for my Star Wars: The Old Republic accounts, which give you a Tauntaun fawn in game pet.

If anyone is interested in swapping codes, I'd be willing to give up the Tauntauns to get the LoL codes. We could all feel warm and fuzzy in the end, and you'll still have a baby Tauntaun =D

Thanks anyone that reads this, please throw me a message on here if you'd be willing to hook some kids up! Thanks friends, can't wait to see you at PAX again!

(and yes, for those there, I was the guy who had entirely too many drinks during Settlers of Catan....weeee)

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  • AmycusAmycus Registered User regular
    Apologizes also for the spelling and grammar mistakes. Typing is hard =(

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