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Mom Effect



  • GoatmonGoatmon Property of Amara_P Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    Olivaw wrote: »
    The Wii remote is a great idea

    If it had more reliable tech and less shit games, it would be something to see

    But, you know

    No one could figure out how to make the thing work for them

    Bingo. It is a brilliant device that is basically wasted on Nintendo's lack of long-term planning.

    I mean, Wii was a HUGE success for about a year or two, until people realized there was nothing to play on it, and it became kind of a joke.

    There is just

    SO MUCH that nintendo could have done with the Wii if they hadn't more or less stopped trying to really appeal to people who don't care about pikmin or zelda.

    Goatmon on
  • Day of the BearDay of the Bear The Qun demandsRegistered User regular
    I wish prox mine worked more reliably.

    Because it'd be an awesome power if it could actually, y'know, be used as a mine to cover entry ways and stuff.

    But instead I just use it like a little rocket launcher with a slow travel time.

  • DubhDubh Suggests Bastet EgyptRegistered User regular
    I'm willing to bet that the Kinect could be utilized for some good fps times

    Psn: Doobhbutt
    Steam: Doobh
  • Day of the BearDay of the Bear The Qun demandsRegistered User regular
    Wanna have kinect fighting game.

  • OlivawOlivaw good name, isn't it? peach treesRegistered User regular
    Also I unlocked geth engineer

    I am pleased

    But it is no kroguard

    PSN ID : DetectiveOlivaw | TWITTER | STEAM ID | BUY SOME STUFF!
    Never forget.
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