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Awesome: 'Jessica Nigri asked to leave? Why?' by DarkAon

DarkAonDarkAon Portland, ORRegistered User regular
edited April 2012 in [2008-2012] Awesome Posts?
It seems that many people don't understand. The policy isn't in place to censor sexuality or "protect the children". The policy is in place so that PAX doesn't become an irrelevant joke like E3 has become where the marketing becomes more important than the con.

Cosplayers wonder around the con, and don't really cause congestion in any single area for long periods of time. In addition, each "Booth Babe" attending means one less fan who would be attending. That alone is reason for banning them.

The only reason people are up in arms about this particular incident is because she is a well known cosplayer with a fanbase. If this had been some random model, nobody would have cared. I agree that Jessica should be at the con as an attendee, but since she was working for WB to promote their game, at that point she ceased being a cosplayer, a part of the community which this con celebrates as part of the culture, and became a "Booth Babe", a promotional tool to sell games. As such, what she wore should be subject to the policy laid out.

I think the situation was handled as it should have been, and I fully support the policy.


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