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[East] Illness thread

LimondLimond regular
edited September 2012 in PAX Archive
So I myself am rocking a nice cold. Who else is now sick after coming home from PAX?

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zerzhul on


  • Oh, I didn't even make it that long. Flu kicked in Saturday night and is still going strong.

  • Yup. Cold kicked in on Sunday, it's currently being beaten into submission by my immune system.

  • PsykusPsykus regular
    I was feeling sick Sunday morning and was sure I was going to be miserable for the rest of my PAX trip but it seems to have subsided during the day. Hoping it's not going to resurface and kick my ass sometime this week.

  • PayneTraynePayneTrayne Canuck regular
    I had a sore throat on the way back from PAX but a bike-ride and Halls have kicked that ass.

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  • I think I managed to get off scot-free. I mean, I probably would have come down with something by now.

  • HeleorHeleor Seattle regular
    Mine kicked in Monday night. 100 degree-ish fever, but reacts relatively nicely to Advil.

  • My throat was amazingly soar on Sunday morning and I felt like garbage. I don't think it was hangover related. I actually skipped out on Sunday and left early. So sad.

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  • Day 2 of being poxed. I don't have it as bad as Punzie, who I assume infected me, but I went to work anyway. I always feel bad taking sick days at the end of a vacation.

    Í'm sweating like a pig from my fever & the boss is over there razzing on me for "not really being sick"...

  • hah damn kids, you don't know how good you got it, with your cold and flu.
    You should have been around PAX in 08, swine flu everywhere! That there was some craziness!

  • My girlfriend and I have been pretty much laid up with some nasty flu and a side of sinus infection!

    Why didn't I listen? The "Iron Guard Position" truly is the best advice of all time.

  • xenardxenard regular
    Started feeling sick when I got home Monday night. Now full blown cold

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  • Yes, Same here soar throat, cough, and a runny nose it's inevitable during an with thousands of people. Someone with a cold is bound to sneeze or cough on a controller .

  • Felt the throat scratching up Sunday afternoon waiting in line for the Gearbox panel, and ended up with some sort of upper respiratory infection by that night. Slept a lot of it off on Monday (hooray taking the day after PAX off too), but still feeling some effects today.

  • DanUNGDanUNG regular
    Everyone laughed at me when I whipped out my Berry Sorbet and Dancing Waters hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works at PAX.

    Who's laughing now.

  • I think i made it out ok, no sickness. But man my allergies were going crazy up there! I liked that some of the booths had hand sanitizer and there was some in the bathrooms.

  • Pure DinPure Din Boston-area regular
    Friday and Saturday I didn't play any demos, no console freeplay, no touching anything except board games and my own handheld. Then on Sunday, the lines were shorter and I got tempted to play a few games on the expo floor, picked up a stomach bug and am just now recovering. :(

  • It was a long, long drive home with the sniffles, and the sore throat has come in nicely today.

    Don't. Even. Care.

    Best PAXeast ever!

  • TrionTrion regular
    Felt run down yesterday but I'm better today. But I have heard that a bout of strep throat was going around the Ma-RI area. So be aware.

  • I have the PAX POX. Not sure when it started, perhaps Friday? It hit hardest on Sunday. Didn't go to work today. Probably will go to work tomorrow, but will be congested. I think it is nose/throat infection. Mucinex D FTW.

  • I got hit a few weeks ago at a concert, I think creating an immunity to the junk that many are feeling now. I would have rather been sick then than now!

    Everyone get some rest and you should hopefully be able to kick it soon!

  • LTAcostaLTAcosta Boston, MA regular
    After 7 PAXs, I think I'm immune to PAX pox. I got sick my first couple of paxs, but haven't in a long time

  • LTAcosta wrote: »
    After 7 PAXs, I think I'm immune to PAX pox. I got sick my first couple of paxs, but haven't in a long time

    Same, got sick my first pax, been fine for the last three.

  • I got sick friday around 6am ;_;

  • Yeah I felt sore throat Friday night, Bought some Airborne Tablets, Zicam spray, and pounded water all night and Saturday. I utilized the Iron Guard Position and went through a couple bottles of Purell. I felt better Saturday evening and Sunday.

  • JobiWan got it almost as bad as Punzie; he was laid out in the hotel room all day on Sunday and missed the final day of PAX. I too, may have become infected. But I'm fighting the good fight.

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  • stebuustebuu Crabs are fucking crazy, and I hate horses regular
    No illness, but a pretty sore throat from talking loud enough to beat the BCEC ambiance.

    Plus, dear lord, I need to stairmaster before the next PAX. A lot.

  • I think this is my 5th straight PAX without getting sick, even after being stuck in an elevator for 40 minutes with 14 people.


  • PAX pox has taken over here. All three of us are rocking a pretty decent flu.

  • testsubject23testsubject23 King of No Sleep Zzzzzzz regular
    I honestly can't tell if I got sick or just totaled my voice hollering at the Pokecrawl and the concerts.
    I'm still hoarse and exhausted... could be illness, or the natural consequence of living on caffeine, booze, and Vector bars for three days.
    Either way, totally worth it.

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  • SwaeSwae regular
    I initially thought I had just lost my voice from the Pokecrawl, but I was feeling pretty cruddy by Sunday, and now I'm definitely infected with the PAX Pox. I was barely functioning at work today and I don't feel any better tonight.

    I guess lack of sleep and being around a zillion people can do that to a person. =(

  • browncoatbethbrowncoatbeth regular
    edited April 2012
    Day 2 of being poxed. I don't have it as bad as Punzie, who I assume infected me, but I went to work anyway. I always feel bad taking sick days at the end of a vacation.

    Í'm sweating like a pig from my fever & the boss is over there razzing on me for "not really being sick"...

    you're welcome for that, because I'm pretty sure I'm the one who POXed punzie. so sorry about that, FV!

    I am finally starting to feel a bit better. I still have a terrible hacking cough, but it's loads better than the fever/dizzyness/exhaustion and chest stabbyness I was experiencing all day on saturday.

    for any of you who aren't sure if it's pox or laryngitis, it's laryngitis. if you'd been POXed you would definitely know it. it's some kind of flu, and the worst cold I've had in over 10 years.

    browncoatbeth on

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  • Yep, I've been feeling cruddy since Friday morning. Thought it was a pokecrawl hangover, but it was clearly the flu by Sunday. I was rocking a pretty sweet fever of 102.2 for the majority of yesterday but I'm down to 101 today so clearly there is improvement :P It's beginning to make me very sad that I have not escaped a single PAX without disease. I thought for sure I'd be safe this year since I didn't have to travel to get here =(

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  • You gotta rock the Airborne and hand sanitizers in your bag. I always carry some to whatever con i go to

  • Woke up today with a bit of scratchy throat, nothing too serious though. It's mostly gone already.

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  • ad1had1h regular
    Did anyone else get the black boogers? I noticed on Saturday that my nose was full of them.

  • Out of the three people in my group, two of us have confirmed PAX pox with a maybe on the third. Started Sunday night, after the final round of the Omegathon.

  • Only one of us got sick. Started early Sunday morning, fever and coughing, so we couldn't go the last day. We had a great time anyway so it was well worth it.

  • First PAX for me and no illness to report! I did nearly make myself sick on Saturday night from downing most of a burrito in about 3 minutes, though.

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  • pic1046285_t.jpgpic1046285_t.jpgpic1046285_t.jpgpic1046285_t.jpg

    I think the main reason everyone is sick is because we aren't at PAX. PAX must never end!

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  • Guys, FYI, Airborne is fake medicine. Don't believe me, I'm some nerd. Believe these doctors.

    There’s no credible evidence that what’s in Airborne can prevent colds or protect you from a germy environment. Airborne is basically an overpriced, run-of-the-mill vitamin pill that’s been cleverly, but deceptively, marketed.

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