[EAST] The movie I presented at this last East has been frontpaged on penny-arcade.com!

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I'm pretty excite, for two reasons:

The first one is left over from the fact that we expected to get literally 5-10 people at the original screening -- aside from being niche-interest, the movie was up against JoCo AND Saturday-night booze/gaming time. We actually got about 120; not many by PAX standards, but FAR more than we were expecting.

The second one is that Jerry / Tycho liked the movie so much he put that sucker in the most recent newspost! If getting exposure for the movie was the goal of presenting it at PAX East, that probably counts as a success ;)

I wanna thank everyone on here who came to the original movie screening -- I know there are at least one or two PAX Community types that showed up. I really appreciate it.

And, if you didn't.. go click those links and watch that sucker (1080p for best effect with the more modern content)!

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