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Pinched Sciatic Nerve = Get off my lawn

Dr. FrenchensteinDr. Frenchenstein Registered User regular
edited April 2012 in Help / Advice Forum
Has anyone ever had a pinched sciatic nerve? i'm not 100% sure that's what's going on with me, but i'm pretty sure. I have an appt with a back specialist on monday, but in the meantime it is excruciating to do almost anything. I don't really want to go to patient first, because they will probably just give me a script for ibuprofen or something i can get over the counter, and waste my time and money. Just wondering if i should eat the time/money sink, and go to PF because they might be able to actually help me, or just stop being a baby and wait it out until monday?

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    DjeetDjeet Registered User regular
    No need to be a tough guy, take an analgesic for the pain and take it easy. Sitting and standing relatively erect helps.

    You will want to see a pro to find out if it's muscle injury (glute/hamstring) or actually your sciatic nerve.

    I've had pain in the region and I've found gentle stretching might provide some relief, and a regular regime of deeper stretching once you've recovered, as preventative care. If you want to try these go slow and be very aware of what your body is telling you when you do these stretches; stop if anything feels weird. (1 - "flat back") stand with feet shoulder-width apart, stick out your chest and tighten your abs, this should make your back very straight and slightly arched, start a slow forward bend at the hips (keep your back straight by keeping that chest out and abs tight, do not "roll" your back, do whatever feels comfortable with your hands: at sides, on head, straight out, on hips), you should feel a stretch through your hams/glutes, go slow, you may not be able to go very far (the lady in the pic has good hamstring flexibility), hold it when you think you've gone as far as you can w/out feeling pain, hold the static stretch for 15-20, rest, repeat, over time try to do a deeper bend forward and/or hold the stretch longer (2) stand straight with your feet together, cross your right foot over your left so the outsides of your feet touch, do a forward bend as outlined in the 1st exercise (the better form, the better the stretch, but this stretch isn't quite as strict as the other since the back leg is already "loaded"), repeat with left foot crossed over right (3) lie on your back and use a towel or somesuch to do this stretch.

    Hams are notoriously shortened if you have a desk job. These all basically stretch the same muscle, do the one(s) that you feel most comfortable doing.

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    Dr. FrenchensteinDr. Frenchenstein Registered User regular
    Actually, sitting erect was very painful. standing/walking was fine though. I ended up biting the bullet, and going to patient first, they put me Prednisone and Vicodin. i still have my appt on monday, because the pain is not going away, it's just currently dulled.

    I'm pretty flexible for a dude my size, i was able to stretch normally when i first started feeling pain last week. i was even running and playing sports. I'll try to stretch again tonight though, i'm sure my hammies have tightened up a bit in the past week at least.

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