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Awesome: 'Dishonored' by alternatingAberration

alternatingAberrationalternatingAberration I am the milk manMy milk is deliciousRegistered User regular
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Dux wrote: »
Joolander wrote: »
... a mosh pit?


everything is moshpits.

Great titanic vessels drifting through the perpetual midnight, their spectrum of lasers casting about in rapid synchronized movements searching for sight of foes among the foul clouds. During these brief periods of peace the sub-stereollistics are powered down, and the mosh furnace runs at half-capacity. The mosh furnace. That's where you found yourself if you had no title, no talent, no money. Or just a plain lack of luck. Slamming each other against the kinetic absorbers just to stay alive. Because if you didn't party hard, if you didn't party like it was the last night of your life, it was. Damn the metalhead nobility. Damn the 'Tallican ship that keeps us here!

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